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5 Valentine’s Wines to Drink Alone

I have to admit, I have become a bit of a wine snob. The problem is that I enjoy wine, but my college budget does not! In turn, I have been on the hunt for the best wine that costs less than fifteen dollars. Here are some of the gems I’ve stumbled across during my mission.

Fresita’s Sparkling Strawberry Wine.

This sparkler from Chile actually tastes like freshly picked wild strawberries. While the artificial strawberry marshmallows are good, sometimes they can be too sweet. This wine has nice off-dry notes to balance out its fruity sweetness. It’s best served with a marshmallow fluff rim, sprinkles optional.

Barefoot’s Moscato (all varieties).

This is my GO TO wine. First of all, it’s super cheap so your student loans won’t take a huge hit. Second, it comes in white, rosé, and red. In addition, the whisper of bubbles gives it a nice mouth-feel. In my experience, the sweetness of the wine goes up with the colour, so if you want a sweeter wine, red is the way to go.

Vintage Ink’s Pink Ink.

This wine is on the drier side but is brimming with fruity notes. Due to the small scale of Vintage Ink, this wine may be hard to find but you have to try it if you come across it on store shelves. This rosé is super versatile, so you can sip this on a cold winter day as well as a backyard barbecue in the summer.

Martini’s Asti.

This Italian sparkling wine hits you with a punch of sugar, so be prepared for a dessert wine! Best suited for later in the night, this wine would pair well with a berry dessert.

XOXO’s Pinot Grigio Chardonnay.

It can’t get more Valentine’s-Day-inspired than a brand name like XOXO! This wine is a tart, semi-dry wine. It would go well with chicken or a light pasta dinner.

There you have it! Whether you are with a companion or by yourself this Valentine’s Day, I hope one of these wines sparks your interest. And remember, be safe while you treat yourself!

Savannah is currently in her third year at Uvic, majoring in English and Business. When not swamped with studying, she can be found exploring downtown, drinking way too much coffee, reading, and enjoying the experiences UVic has to offer.
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