5 Places to Go in Washington State

I may be biased (because I’m from Washington), but in my opinion, Washington is one of the best states in the US. It has the beach, the mountains, cities, and forests, all within a quick drive. It is green all year round, but is consistently overlooked when people think about the west coast. Many people don’t realize all of the cool things Washington has to offer, so let me do a top 5.


  1. 1. Seattle

    I’m starting off really basic, but Seattle rocks. There are so many touristy things to do, like the Space Needle and Pike Place, but there are also so many cute neighbourhoods in Seattle. Head over to Green Lake and walk the trail, enjoy the view at the Ballard Locks, or—my personal favourite—visit the Seattle Art Museum and see some amazing art. And if you really want the Seattle experience, go grab a Dick’s Deluxe from Dick’s Drive-In.


  2. 2. Leavenworth

    Oh, boy, does this place slap. This is a small Bavarian-themed village in the mountains that has some really cool spots. The famous hat shop, the Christmas store, the actual gingerbread house! In the winter, it is literally a beautiful fantasy land with lights everywhere that is perfect for the Christmas season.


  3. 3. Bellingham

    Bellingham is honestly such a cute, fun town with an eclectic downtown, and it’s right on the water. Bellingham is more laid-back than Seattle and has its own unique style.

  4. 4. Chelan

    Chelan is one of the best locations for the summer: it’s warm, it’s centred around a beautiful lake, and it has tons of activities to do. Go water-ski and then pop into town for some pizza—everything you could ever want.

  5. 5. Ocean Shores

    Everyone hypes up the Oregon and California coasts, but Washington’s coast is also beautiful. Ocean Shores is a great place if you love the beach and having a relaxing time. You can ride a house on the beach, take beautiful walks, and stay in hotels right on the water.