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When the pandemic arrived on our doorsteps and shutdowns began, you probably did one of two things. Either you branched out and watched all the new shows on your list or… you went straight to your comfort show (Gossip Girl, anyone?) and rewatched it until you knew every word. If you were the latter and are now starved for something fresh, have no fear. Because I started clicking “play” on literally anything Netflix recommended to me. Let me tell you what you might have missed.

Cursed (2020)

The awkward animated transitions and a sometimes confusing tone make this the weakest link in the list, but the reimagining of Arthurian legend, with soap opera plot twists, girls with swords, and some really cool fight scenes, make this show extremely watchable. This is the perfect show to sink into the couch and watch when you need a lighter, more feminist alternative to Game of Thrones or The Witcher. Who knew that Katherine Langford was the action Fae Queen we all needed?

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Season 5, 2020)

If you haven’t been watching She-Ra, you probably think you’re too old for cartoons. I’m here to tell you that in a global pandemic, all bets are off. Need to feel something again? This is the show for you. This show has everything. Soap opera plot twists, girls with swords, really cool fight scenes… I promise, not all of these shows feature magical girls with swords.

Warrior Nun (2020)

Well, this one also features a magical girl with a magical sword. And soap opera plot twists. And really cool fight scenes. I have a type! I wasn’t sure about this one, and it has some low points, but I would absolutely watch a whole spin-off show about Shotgun Mary.

The New Legends of Monkey (Season 2, 2020)

When this show first aired in 2018, I watched it in a day. I have never been so quickly enamoured with a show. The characters are quirky, colourful and wholesome. The show balances a dark plot with moments of joyful levity, New Zealand wit and pure charisma.

Outer Banks (2020)

An outlier among these more overtly sci-fi and fantasy shows, this was my first pandemic watch. If you want to capture those last moments of summer and pretend that you can still hang out with your friends in close proximity, maybe even go hunting for treasure with them, this is your show. Is it corny? Yes. Is John B kind of annoying? Yes. Would I die for Kiara, JJ and Pope? In a second.

Those are my must-see shows from the weirdest summer of, well, everyone’s lives. What shows have you been obsessed with, and what should I check out next?

Emma is a first-year graduate student at the University of Victoria. She's a pop-culture-obsessed filmmaker and aspiring video game designer. When she isn't writing for Her Campus or burning her eyes from staring at a screenplay that just isn't working, she's probably at home playing video games, watching movies (it's technically homework, she's studying them) or mindlessly scrolling through her TikTok feed.
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