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5 Fall Must-Try Makeup Up Trends

Fall is officially underway, and there’s no better time to add, or try out some new looks than this season.  As the leaves change colours and drift to the ground, I’m reminded every time I walk through the quad of the fabulous colours fall emits into the air. Let me tell you:  Starbucks’ PSLs aren’t the only thing that can spice up your life this season. Try out some fabulous fall trends for 2015. 

1. Bold Velvet Lips 

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Bold lips are by far my favorite trend for fall 2015! Running late to class? No problem. Sporting a bold lip is a fast and simple way to make yourself look put together. Embrace velvety, matte lipsticks during autumn, and strut your finest plum, cranberry, aubergine, or any deep hues this season. Tip for applying deep colours: Use a lip linear before swiping on the lipstick. It keeps your lipstick in place, and makes for seamless application. 

2. Metallic Mania 

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For all the girls out there who love a shimmery eye- you’re in luck. This fall is all about metallics. Dab your brush into any bronze, copper, gold, or silver shadow that you please, and swirl it around your lid for a beaming look. I love that metallic shades are extremely diverse, so you can be confident that no matter what eye color you sport they will be shinning bright. 

3. Defined Eyes 


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Sticking with the eye theme, a must try trend for this fall is mega-defined eyes. I think eye liner is an essential all year round, but if you normally shy away from the black pencil, now’s the time to experiment. To make your eyes pop use some kohl eye liner. Try extending the wing of your cat eye, or lengthening your normal winged tip for a fiercer more dramatic look. For our brave girl’s out there, don’t be afraid to try the double line. It will add some dimension and draw ample attention to your eyes. 

4. Bye Bye Chiseled Cheeks 


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This fall wave goodbye to the bronzer and hello to a healthy glow. It may be time to hibernate the heavy bronzer (at least just for a little while). While everyone seems to love a sculpted face, throughout these next few weeks, try a light peach or rose color on the cheeks. It will imitate flushed cheeks similar to the ones you get when walking to class in the cold. However, if you’re too attached to summer’s sun kissed skin, opt for a matte bronzer and be sure to blend it with a blush for a more natural finish. 

5. Be Natural Brows 

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With added pressure for your brows to be “on fleek” this year, fall is no exception. Put down the brow pencil and pick up some brow gel and a brow brush instead. It’s time to take a more natural approach to brows this season, so save the tweezers and let those brows fill in a little. 


Samantha is a fourth-year student at, Simon Fraser University, pursuing a double major in political science and communication. When not keeping up with what's new in pop culture, Samantha can often be found sipping on Starbucks drinks, or enjoying one-too-many YouTube videos. Aside from writing for Her Campus, Samantha's passion for fashion, fitness, and nutrition is what keeps her going through the week. She's self-motivated, friendly, and never turns down a cup of tea and a nice chat!
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