5 of the Best Dessert Spots in Victoria

Getting through a term at university is a marathon, and as any marathon runner knows, the race requires fuel. While we all understand the importance of eating our vegetables, we also all know the immense power of a sweet tooth. So, instead of racing to your nearest grocery store after your next exam for a generic tub of ice cream, allow me to offer you a list of Victoria’s most exquisite desserts:

  1. For the best scones, look no further. What’s unique about Sydney Scones is that you won’t find them in the same place twice. They’re sold at various markets around Victoria —follow them on Instagram to find out where these scrumptious treats will pop up next. Each scone is homemade using original recipes. The owner has even taken requests from customers for new flavours and created them to be sold just days later.

  2. For that moment you turn into the cookie monster, The Cookie Guy has your back. Did you know that they do delivery? Yes, they do, which means you can still enjoy one of their tasty treats without having to go to their Uptown shopping centre location (if that’s not in your neighbourhood).

  3. When you need to indulge in a lavish ice cream cone, Chocolats Favoris awaits. They take the classic dipped cone up a notch. That’s all I’ll say about that. Trust me, you just have to try it.


  4. When you’re feeling a little French, Victoria is also home to an exquisite macaron shop. They have 50 delicious flavours including Chai, Lemon Poppyseed and Nutella. They’ve even received Trip Advisor’s stamp of approval! So if you don’t take my recommendation, take theirs. 


  5. When you’re looking for an utterly Canadian dessert, I present you with BeaverTails! Basically, it’s a very fancy donut that pays on homage to our national animal. This is the largest chain in our list, but it still feels quintessentially Victoria.

What’s your favourite dessert spot in Victoria? Share your favourite with us in the comments below!