The 5 Best Christmas Cookies to Bake Instead of Studying

The Holidays usually go hand in hand with gorging on delish treats like cookies, caramel corn and fudge. However, being a university student away from home makes it hard to enjoy all of the treats of the season. By the time you are finally done studying and on your way home for the holidays, all of those delicious treats you thought were waiting for you have been eaten by various members of the family, or gifted to neighbors. However, there is no rule stating that only Mum can do all the Christmas baking. Take a study break and try making one of these homemade holiday treats. I promise they won’t disappoint.


Sugar and Spice cookies

These cookies are my holiday go-to. They are a cross between gingerbread and a sugar cookie and even taste delicious without icing – although who says “no” to icing? I usually skip the icing recipe as I find it’s a little thin and just make regular butter cream. This recipe is originally from the Canadian Living Christmas book, but I found a copy of the recipe on this website.


Chocolate Crinkle cookies

Sooooo chocolatey and sooooo delicious. You won’t be able to have only one.


Viennese Crescents

If you are like me and aren’t a big fan of shortbread, then these are the cookies for you. A much lighter more crumbly take on the classic shortbread, these Viennese crescents are worth the effort.



A classic holiday cookie, they are great with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or on their own. There are so many things you can do with this classic treat, such as dipping them in chocolate or changing up the flavor combinations. Chatelaine has a whole page just dedicated to biscotti recipes, so go ahead and try one out, or make up your own variation on a classic. 


Chai Gingerbread

What holiday cookie list would be complete without a gingerbread cookie? These Chai gingerbread cookies are a modern twist on a classic and are sure to please any hipster tea-drinker out there.


Now that you have some recipes to choose from, put your procrastination to good use and bake up a little holiday cheer!


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