14 Reasons to be Excited for the Cold Weather

With Victoria getting it's first snow fall of the year yesterday, November 2nd, it's looking like we're in for a pretty rough winter. But whether you consider yourself a summer or a winter person, you can’t deny there are some pretty great things about the cold. Hopefully you’re looking forward to it too, but if you still need some convincing take a look here at what we’re most excited for.


1. You get to pull all your sweaters out.


2. You won’t be uncomfortably hot anymore.


3. You get to wear all black without sweating like crazy.


4. You get to cuddle up in all your blankets with a warm cup of tea.


5. Christmas!


6. You don’t have to worry about the humidity ruining your hair.


7. You can wear makeup without this happening:


8. You get to watch TV all day and blame it on the rain.


9. It gets darker earlier, so it doesn’t seem as weird when you go to sleep at 9:00.


10. Your bed becomes the best place in the world.


11. You get to bring the scarves out.


12. It’s the time of year to cuddle anyone and anything.


13. Boots!


14. We hope you’re excited for the cold weather, because whether you are or not…