13 Things People who are Obsessed with Halloween Understand

Halloween is just around the corner, (although it basically started October 1st, right?) and we couldn't be more excited! This is a perfect time to turn on every ghost and ghoul's favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and check out this list. If it sounds relatable, you might be just as Halloween obsessed as we are. 


1. As soon as October 1st hits you’ve already got the decorations up, a playlist made, and your costume planned.

2. When you hear people say they don’t like Halloween.

3. Or, even worse, when they tell you Christmas is their favorite holiday.

4. You try to get school work done but all you can think about it Halloween.

5. When you find someone who loves Halloween as much as you do.

6. You're spending all your time trying to DIY decorations and costumes.

7. Your room mates make you promise not to eat all the candy before the day comes.

8. You hate when stores try to put up Christmas stuff before Halloween’s even over.

9. You wake up the day of Halloween like…

10. You spend so much money on Halloween candy and only get 8 trick-or-treaters.

11. Strutting into the party with your killer costume like…

12. What you want to look like in front of your crush

What you actually look like...

13. You plan so hard for this one night and the whole thing ends up feeling like this.


Have a safe and terrifying Halloween everyone!