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With Taylor Swift’s recent album, Midnights, seeing one of the biggest album debut weeks in nearly seven years, I got to thinking of her massively varying eras, and her tendency to embody the era’s overall aesthetic and vibe in her day-to-day outfits and looks. With her extremely wide range, read on to find what kind of outfit you should wear based on your favourite Swift album!

  • Outfit #1: Taylor Swift Debut

During her debut era, Taylor very much channelled the country songs she sang for her very first album with her bold curly hair, cowboy boots, and solid, dark, flowy dresses. 

In 2022, however, Swifties that love her very first album would be rocking outfits that channel the blues, whites and yellows of her album cover. If her debut album is your favourite, try wearing a yellow sweater vest on top of a white top with puffy sleeves, along with straight-cut blue jeans and your favourite pair of cowboy boots! For a slightly more cottage-core look, wear a pair of white dungarees, with (blue) florals on them, on top a cropped pale yellow sweater.

  • Outfit #2: Speak Now

Swift’s Speak Now era showcased her at the peak of her glistening fairytale aesthetic. Full of charming dresses in purples, golds, and whites, she constantly carried a very girly look, complete with her curly ponytail. 

For Swifties who adore the Speak Now album, try a laced up white corset top along with a purple satin maxi skirt for an elegant, classy look. For a more casual outfit, slip on a chunky knit white sweater, with a purple floral skirt along with a ponytail and your favourite gold jewellery to complete the outfit!

  • Outfit #3: 1989

1989 Taylor was the epitome of preppy, girl-next-door fashion, with tons of swingy skirts, colourful handbags, fun sunglasses, and plenty of cropped tops with a near-constant bare midriff and a signature red lip. 

To channel the same old-money, put together vibe, try a white pleated skirt along with a red long-sleeve cropped top and complete the outfit with a pair of black Mary Janes, white socks and a pair of your preferred sunnies! For a more modest look, throw on a black and navy striped sweater, with your favourite pair of dress-pants and a navy handbag. 

  • Outfit #4: Reputation

With Reputation being her first album after a hiatus that lasted three long years, Swift bounced back with a vengeance, and an aesthetic full of dark, edgy looks, and bold makeup that reflected her thirst for justice. 

For Swifties currently in their Reputation era, wear a leather skirt and tights with a lacy off-shoulder top, and a pair of black platform heels. You can also try a satin maxi dress with a fitted leather jacket and ankle length boots for a slightly more refined look! Complete your outfit with bold graphic eyeliner and a dark lip.

  • Outfit #5: Lover

Polar opposite to her previous album, Taylor’s Lover era consisted of bright, airy outfits consisting of a primarily pastel palette adorned with sequins. She also repeatedly wore monochromatic looks that channelled a very romantic aesthetic. 

For the same idyllic feel, consider wearing a mint-green fitted top with bishop sleeves, a skirt of your favourite pastel shade, along with a pair of green heels to complete the outfit! Otherwise, on a more casual note, try a pair of white baggy jeans along with a yellow cropped top that has butterfly sleeves. Consider making a braided updo to really channel the album!

  • Outfit #6: Folklore

Conveying a light academia aesthetic, Folklore is Swift’s first pandemic album released in July 2020. With a vibe that portrays the transition between summer and fall, the album is easily portrayed through neutral looks that play with different prints and light, breezy fabrics. 

For those who feel best represented through Swift’s 8th studio album, try wearing cottage-core outfits by pairing a flannel-print skirt, along with a white shirt and beige blazer. Alternatively, consider pairing a floral print maxi dress along with an off-white bolero cardigan. Finish the outfit with some doc-martens and you’re good to go!

  • Outfit #7: Evermore

Released as Folklore’s sister album, Evermore presents a more dark academia aesthetic. Complete with a palette of browns, reds and beige, the album embodies fall and its nostalgic, warm feeling. 

For an evermore-esque outfit, pair some maroon corduroy pants with a knit brown sweater along with some doc martens and your favourite tote bag, and a beanie.

  • Outfit #8: Fearless TV

Swift’s very first re-record, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is reminiscent of the royal, romantic, faraway aesthetic the era originally carried during 2008, when Fearless was first released. True to one of the singles of the album, “Love Story,” the album truly feels like it stepped out of Romeo and Juliette’s world. 

To channel the romantic in you to fit right into Swift’s Fearless era, wear a flowy cream, or ivory coloured floor length dress, with dreamy butterfly sleeves along with your favourite pair of sandals. For a more day-to-day look, wear a similar, graceful short dress and some lace-up sandals and gold jewellery.

  • Outfit #9: Red TV

As the second re-record that Swift released, Red (Taylor’s Version) is associated outfits that are reminiscent of evermore with clean, structured fits and solid colours belonging to a very neutral palette. 

To fully get into the mood to belt out some songs from Red TV, wear a light brown turtleneck, some black straight-cut jeans and your chunkiest red-knit scarf, and a fisherman’s cap like the one Taylor wears in the album cover to fully embody the album!

  • Outfit #10: Midnights

Taylor’s latest release and 10th studio album that stepped into the industry as her biggest debut, the Midnights album goes back to her roots of dream pop with a shimmery, night-out in the city, bejewelled (pun intended) vibe. 

For a Midnights’ dance party, wear a navy blue satin dress with some bold silver jewellery and a shimmery eye look! Taking on a different approach, you can also try a sequinned corset top with some leather pants for a more comfortable outfit.

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