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Weird Phone Games You May Not Have Heard Of

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Toronto chapter.

You might be unaware of it, but there are some pretty weird games out there to play. When I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a video for an upcoming video game about being a jerk goose and pestering a groundskeeper, I knew I had to write an article about it. Though unfortunately the jerk goose game isn’t released yet, to my dismay, I found some other weird games in the Play Store, so here are some odd games you didn’t think existed, along with my reviews for them.


Tofu Hunter 

When I read that this was made by Adult Swim, I knew this would have the potential to get into some pretty weird stuff. The game promises a wide range (pun intended) of hunting of soy-based creatures, with chances to unlock new terrain and gain rewards for stopping stampedes. The Play Store boasts a 4.0 rating, with a mix of pun-filled good reviews and pun-filled bad reviews.

The game takes up a lot of space and takes a bit of time to download (rendered tofu needs a lot of space in your phone, I guess) so that is probably a downside when it comes to downloading this game. Upon loading a game, there is a disclaimer warning of the violent depictions of tofu hunting that portrays the everyday life of these soy products in the game, along with the intense music. Playing the game was a bit frustrating, as it seemed like the graphics were incomplete and it wasn’t explained too well regarding instructions. It also seemed to get extremely more intense regarding gameplay and missions, it started to get too much for me and felt like there wasn’t an enticing enough goal in the end to keep me interested in draining my battery life. Though I will give high grade marks for the funny satire!


Wild Crocodile Simulator

If you’ve ever dived into the weird world of simulator games(which to be honest, could have been an article on its own), then you understabd I of course had to include one of those here. One that striked my interest was Wild Crocodile Simulator 3D, where the description promises the user a chance to know the feeling of being a wild crocodile and to make your crocodile “the strongest in the world”. The game shows a promising 4.0 review, with requests to add fish and other minor things “to add to the experience of being a crocodile”.

Watching lets plays of similar fashion kind of prepared me for this; as the title and description suggests, you’re dropped into a savannah terrain as a wild crocodile, you get a health and stamina bar, and you pretty much survive, as a crocodile. The game doesn’t take long to figure out, and given that I am not a crocodile myself, this may be the closest thing I’ll experience being a wild crocodile in my life. 


Enviro-Bear 2010

I watched Markiplier do a let’s play of this years ago and I definitely remember it being an exceptionally weird game, and when I saw that there was a phone game version of it I knew I had to try. The game’s description is fairly accurate to the overall gameplay and feel of the game: “it’s a game with a BEAR in a CAR!” It’s not much, but it conveys the humor and oddness that is this game. You essentially drive around as a bear and try to survive level to level by getting the amount of fish needed to hibernate and heading back to your cave, getting progressively harder as more things pop up for you to do/avoid.

The game does cost $1.99, which is relatively cheap if you intend on playing it a lot. I’ve played a lot of landscape-side phone games so I was used to doing that, but the game is just as hilarious and ridiculous as I remember watching it years ago. I’m generally the worst at driving games, so maybe my dying several times doesn’t help with the review, but it’s a fairly hard yet fun game.

Have some weird games that didn’t make the list? Want us to test out more video games and products? Let us know!

Architecture History and Design Double Major and Environmental Geography Minor at the University of Toronto