UTM Student Centre

At UTM, there are so many resources offered that students may not know about. A great area to find out some information about resources that you may need for school is at the Student Centre. The UTM Centre provides students with a variety of resources that will make your school year go much more smoothly.

Many students look for opportunities to save money in university because it’s important to budget wisely. At the Student Centre, they provide discounts for a variety of things as well as bursaries if you submit an application form and qualify. You can purchase discounted Cineplex movie tickets, Wonderland tickets and Ripley’s Aquarium tickets. Also, another thing you can purchase there are SPCs (Student Price Cards) for roughly ten dollars which can give you discounts at many different stores and restaurants.

Students who have to take public transportation may find the U-Pass comes in handy. At UTM, the cost is already covered in your tuition and with your U-Pass in combination with your student card you are able to ride the MiWay transit at any time with no extra cost. If you don’t attend UTM, the Student Centre is also where you can purchase tickets for the shuttle bus that takes you to the St George Campus, and where you can find information and schedules for Shuttle Buses. 

The printing service at the Student Centre also comes in handy because it’s convenient. You can set up an account for printing at the InfoBooth or there will be someone there who can assist you with printing if you don't have an account. Also, if there’s any other general information on special events within the University community that you would like to find out about, the InfoBooth is the place to find out.

The InfoBooth at the Student Centre is open from Monday to Friday from 8AM-12AM and on Saturday and Sunday from 12PM-8PM during the fall/winter session. It is open during the summer from Monday to Friday from 9AM-6PM and on Saturday and Sunday, it’s closed. Be sure to check it out if you want to find out about other resources they offer or if you have any questions in general.