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If you ever wondered why that guy on the subway station seemed super creepy, even when all he did was crack a smile at you, maybe it’s because his eyebrows are off. Like the size-of-two-black-hairy-caterpillars kind of off, so to speak, and that alone threw off your trust radar. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Studies show that “we tend to judge someone with high eyebrows and prominent cheekbones to be more honest, while we are less likely to trust someone with a furrowed brow and sunken cheeks” (Spencer, Ben). When we meet people we don’t know, we become very aware of their behavior and physical appearance and their face is the first thing that signals if we should run, keep away or hang around and try to get their number.

The primary role of the eyebrow is to protect the eyes and like Greg Foot says in his article and video, Why do you have eyebrows?  “their job [is] so important that some researchers believe if we didn’t have them, we’d have evolved some other facial feature to do the same task – so if it wasn’t for eyebrows, we’d look a lot weirder”.

Not many men shape their eyebrows, as it is a mentality that only women undertake this beauty and grooming technique. However, regardless of gender, the choice a person makes of whether or not they get their brows done is entirely up to them.

As one of the most distinctive facial features, eyebrows have an important role to play in both verbal and non-verbal communication and without them, facial expressions would not be complete. Think about it, can you imagine a world suddenly waxed of its eyebrows? Freaky, I know. It’s especially safe to mention that if the world were stripped of its brows, the selfie generation would suffer.  One of two things would occur: the days of selfies would go bye-bye, or some sort of “brow-less” revolution would occur. Could you see one of the two or both happening, or nothing or more coming from this idea?  Comment below…

The beauty of the eyebrow is universal and as trends vary though out the world there is always something new in the world of arches.

Trending in the Korean Beauty game are the Straight and thick brows, a trend nobody would have thought would rock the fashion world. Stars rocking this look are Kim Tae-Hee and YoonA.

In Africa and the Caribbean, eyebrow trends are always what it needs to be, which is suitable to the individual and a sexy arch that compliments the person’s face. Also, eyebrows that are too thin are undesirable.

Bold thick eyebrows are considered to be beautiful in Europe and the 80’s look is taking Europe by storm in the fashion and beauty world.

The ancient Indian way of threading eyebrows is still very popular in India as well as in other countries. In India, this technique is the most gentle and ideal way to sexy up the brows.

In the U.S full eyebrows are considered to be the ideal and have been a beauty trend for a while. Many women in the 90’s tweezed and waxed their eyebrows to the point of no return. To keep up with the current beauty trends, they’ll slap $8,000 on the table for an eyebrow transplant.

Another current eyebrow style sweeping the fashion world is the “no eyebrow” trend, where basically the eyebrows are bleached to the point where they almost look non-existent on one’s face. Many have had a “WTF” moment in first recognizing this trend through instagram accounts of trend setter celebs, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. Some contemplate that it takes someone with a special combination of looks to pull this one off. Do you agree?

Have you ever seen a person’s eyebrows and wondered ‘what in the world were they thinking?’

Here are ideal eyebrow shapes to compliment the most common face shapes:

The Oval Shaped Face: This face shape is already oval and this is the goal with most other face shapes: to make the face seem more oval.  The ideal eyebrow shape for this face shape is a soft angled eyebrow shape and that runs straight up above the eye and gently curves round the top and finishes downwards.

The Heart Shaped Face: The goal of shaping the eyebrows for this face shape is to enhance face into a beautiful heart shape.  For a soft look go for a rounded brow with a low arch and for a more dramatic look go for a high arch, this also adds length to a shorter heart shaped face.

The Long Shaped Face: This face is already long, so a horizontal lines help make this face shape appear shorter. The flat eyebrow shape is perfect for this face shape.

The Round Shaped Face: The goal of shaping the eyebrows for this facial type is to make the face appear less rounded. Up and down lines help achieve this look by drawing the eyes upwards and lengthening it at the same time. A round angle makes the face appear rounder, rather than a soft angle look which is more ideal.

The Square Shaped Face: This face type has a very prominent jaw line, so the goal here is to balance it out with a strong brow with a sharp peak or soften the look with curves.

The Diamond Shaped Face: The goal for this face shape is to make the middle section of face seem less wide. Achieve this look with an eyebrow that aims upwards and curves out softly at the peak and aims downward softly as well.

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