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The Latest Trend: Natural Beauty

Edited by: Tanmaya Ramprasad

Female beauty is ever-changing. Looking back on the past 100 years, you can see the progression of clothes women wore, how they styled their hair, and even how makeup has developed. So often, throughout history, when a new trend comes about, women move together as a group to join in on wearing what is popular at the moment. Many of us idolize celebrities and look up to them for fashion and style advice. However, as we navigate through this time of influencers and social media, it seems we have moved towards cosmetic procedures instead of just goods. Women are seeking out lip filler and eyelash extensions when what could be the most coveted beauty secret of all time is one we already possess, our natural and individual beauty. Here are some products and steps to enhance natural beauty:

1. Skincare

Skincare is my number one in my beauty routine. Taking care of your skin is so important and a great way to care for yourself. Not only can caring for your skin leave you with a clean, healthy canvas to apply makeup to, but it also provides long term care versus the short term fix that makeup gives. As for products, everyone has different needs, and it is best to ask your doctor or try some out to find the perfect fit!  

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen can easily be a part of skincare; however, I think it deserves its own time in the spotlight. Sunscreen is a huge preventative measure we can take to avoid not only premature ageing but also sun damage that could lead to skin cancer. It is not just a step to use in the summer, but a yearlong necessity! There has been some recent information about sunscreen in the news regarding harmful ingredients that have been shown to lead to cancer themselves; therefore, it is important to be picky when choosing a sunscreen. “Supergoop!” is a great brand that not only takes into account the impact their ingredients have on humans but also on the earth. Their products are coral reef safe, which is another detail to keep in mind when thinking about sunscreen.

3. Makeup

My third and final step to take when going for a natural look but wanting to dress it up is makeup! We all know it and love it, but for those who prefer a minimal look, here are some amazing brands I love. First up is Glossier, the coverage is minimal, and the product is amazing. It is built to melt into your skin and show the slightest enhancement of your natural features. The formula is easy to use and forgiving. Next, Bobbi Brown is the original makeup for those who want to look beautiful without wearing a lot of product. This brand was created to do just that, and although it is not talked about so much anymore, the quality and performance of their products have stood the test of time. There are videos on YouTube you can watch to learn from Bobbi herself how to apply makeup and how to choose shades that will match your skin tone. Finally, Westman Atelier, a brand I recently discovered in the past few years, has a clean and minimal approach to the industry. Gucci Westman, a celebrity makeup artist, created her own line of cosmetics without the ingredients sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, or silicones. Similar to Bobbi Brown, Gucci Westman also focuses on emphasizing one’s natural beauty.

We are all beautiful in our own way, and if wearing makeup or undergoing procedures is your desire, that is beautiful! However, these are a few ways to let your natural beauty shine and go against what may be popular at the time in terms of beauty trends. There are many who prefer to go natural instead of wearing makeup, and we should all respect everyone’s individual look because that is the most coveted beauty secret.  

Laura Sweet

U Toronto '22

Laura is a third-year Bioethics student at the University of Toronto St. George. She is interested in law and hopes to one day pursue a career in this field. Laura enjoys skiing, playing the piano, reading and spending time on the East Coast.
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