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Sh*t Frosh Say

  • It’s so cool how class isnt mandatory. No attendance!
  • Hey! I’m ___. What’re you studying?
  • My Organic Chemistry midterm is tomorrow. But no worries! I did great in high school without studying.
  • Well, I had to wake up at 7 for high school everyday. So honestly? A 9 AM class wont be that bad.
  • My textbooks cost so much! But the people at the UofT bookstore told me that they’ll buy them back at the end of the semester. Suckers!
  • My professor he won’t be here on Thursday. Who’s the sub?
  • My college is like Hogwarts!
  • What happened last night?
  • Got all my books before class started. So ahead of the game.
  • This isn’t fair! The prof didn’t teach this!
  • I’m doing a specialist in Chemistry with a double major in Physics and Calculus…
  • So sleepy. Stayed up till 2 last night. I love pulling all-nighters.
  • Wait, you’re in your 5th year? How is that even possible.
  • So this class has a 6 page syllabus. Yeah, I think i’m going to drop it.
  • I love Robarts!
  • Well, I’m taking PSY100, so trust me. My psychoanalysis of you is correct.
  • Woah! They were just giving out free condoms! Oh yeah.
  • We were assigned a 3 page paper! Ugh. Time for another all-nighter…
  • Frat parties! Yeah!
  • Second day of class: Hey man, you’re in my seat.
  • My English professor swore in class today. How cool is that? Best. Professor. Ever.
  • I love having class in Con Hall! It’s so big and exciting.


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