Shockingly True Stereotypes About Bisexual Women


Saturday was Bi Visibility Day, a day for folks identifying as bisexual and for their friends to celebrate bisexual history, the community, and culture. Additionally, the Sexual and Diversity Office will be hosting U of T Queer Orientation Week during this week, and we encourage anyone that identifies as LGBTQ+ to check it out and attend some events. It’s a fantastic way to meet others and continue the fun and excitement that is the first month of school. That being said, in the midst of Queer Orientation Week and Bi Visibility Day, we’re here to share some of our favourite shockingly true stereotypes about bisexual women, as told by two bisexual women.


They’re greedy

No arguing this one. Data shows that the person to take the last cookie has always been bisexual.


They have it easy going, both ways!

What could be easier than experiencing prejudice from both straight and gay persons, increased rates of mental illness, and increased rates of violence!


They’re always down for threesomes

Bisexuals feel immense honor at the opportunity to be sexually objectified for the benefit of you and your significant other! Especially if the couple in question is straight and the woman phrases it as giving her boyfriend a “gift.” One thing’s for certain, we are precious gifts, so we must be treated as such.

They’re confused

One time I threw my toast in the trash and started buttering a piece of plastic.

They don’t exist, there’s only gay or straight


They go for anything that moves

Gotta stay on your toes for potential cuddly doggies to pet, they could appear at any time.  

They’re only bi to turn straight men on

I think we can all agree that the planets don't revolve around the sun, they revolve around straight men. Of course we'd center our own identities and sense of purpose around them! Think of what we get in return! Keep thinking, it'll come to you eventually, I swear. It’s just a phase I can’t wait until I become gaseous phase, honestly.

They love puns

Hey! That’s complete- actually yes this one is one hundred percent true.  

Don’t bother asking them to hang out on an alternating Wednesday between 9:25 and 12:07, they'll be busy developing the Agenda™

So true, the Bimonthly Bisexual Blast (also known as BBB) is absolutely non-negotiable. We’re contractually obligated to attend after coming out.


In all seriousness, our sexual identity is not something to be hyper-sexualized or erased, and just because we don’t fit into your mold of a specifically gay or straight person, doesn’t mean that our identity isn’t real. Respect our identities, and we’ll respect you. Simple as that.

We hope to see you at Queer Orientation Week! Check out the full calendar of events here.