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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Toronto chapter.

Edited By: Tanmaya Ramprasad 

Twenty-three years after her death, Princess Diana is still one of the most influential figures in modern history. From her monumental fashion moments to recent reenactments in The Crown, there is no doubt the Princess of Wales took on the world by storm. Her impact paved the way for female celebrities and modernized the monarchy. 

Back in the day, Buckingham palace and the royals weren’t in the eye of entertainment. They mainly focused on keeping their public appearances posh and separate their private lives from the public. This soon changed in 1980 when Diana came into the spotlight as the soon-to-be bride of Prince Charles. Her natural beauty and accessibility made everyone infatuated with her, making her a natural star.

Throughout the years, Diana revolutionized the nature of a celebrity. She was aware of all the cameras that followed her every move. Using this to her advantage, the People’s Princess used her platform to promote awareness and raise money for a variety of causes. Some of her most memorable examples include her campaign against land mines and her controversial approach to the AIDS ­crisis. Diana’s ongoing work made her a role model for other celebrities, to view philanthropy as an essential part of their personal brands.

Not to mention, Princess Diana became a celebrated feminist icon. She believed there were greater things for her to do other than being a royal wife and a mother. She was determined to showcase what women bring to the table. Diana believed problems in a male-dominated world derive from the aggressive, secretive and often insensitive masculine ego. She often experienced this as her husband’s friend’s named her as an unstable paranoid. Diana wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she felt was right and what she was entitled to. Something that wasn’t seen in the royal family.

On the downside, Princess Diana never experienced privacy. At every turn, the press was endlessly following her. As a result, her struggles became everyone’s struggles: postpartum depression, eating disorders, affairs, and, eventually, divorce. Diana’s vulnerability made everyone fall in love with her even more. 

This made her death very personal to everyone. The bond that much felt with Diana made everyone feel as if they lost a family member.  Since Diana, the royals became more media involved, appearing in the daily-news and magazines. However, Diana’s touch is a legacy that will continue to live forever and be passed on for generations to come.







Maria is currently a third-year student at the University of Toronto pursuing a double major in Political Science and History. You can always find her reading a book or browsing through articles on her free time. Apart from this, she loves binge watching reality shows and exploring new food spots in the city.