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I wasn’t aware of all the resources UofT had to offer until my fourth and final year. Therapy is expensive and seems like a luxury for full-time university students.

My experience with the Health and Wellness Center:

It took me a while to understand how to navigate the website, but I placed a call to the Health and Wellness Center was able to book an appointment that day. As I have spoken about in a previous blog post, I suffer from anxiety and was able to work with a counsellor to develop a plan to start working on it. I met with the counsellor every two weeks, and found the sessions to be extremely helpful.

The Health and Wellness Student Life site has multiple mental health resources for students. You can book an appointment with one of the clinicians to discuss your options and find something that is better suited for you.

To access their resources, you can be either a full-time or part-time student with the university. They have a separate resource provider for students who are out of the country.

Some of the mental health services they provide:

  • Same-day counselling
    • For those who need to talk to someone right away and want to develop a treatment plan. During the counselling appointment, you can work with a provider to discuss your needs and figure out the next steps.
  • Pharmacotherapy
    • Medicinal treatment options.
  • Evidence-based group therapy
    • Group-based therapy to help with anxiety and depression – can range from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

Besides mental health services, the Health and Wellness Centre provides access to medical and dental services, sex and reproductive health care, nutrition counselling and immunization.

To book an appointment, you can call or visit the Health and Wellness Centre during their hours of operation.

Maham Qaiser

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