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My Graduation Bucket List

I’ve spent what seems like forever at U of T. Before actually starting at the school
I attended the Mini U camps and listened to endless stories from my family about
how I would one day attend U of T myself. After all this time, a certain part of me is
ready to leave the school behind. But as I prepare to graduate, I find myself feeling
oddly nostalgic at the idea of leaving such a big part of my life behind me. There are
a lot of things that I have to do before I graduate and so without further ado, here is
my graduation bucket list:

1) Head to a Varsity Blues game. Attending sports games are supposed to be a
central part of college life (or so I hear) but I’ve never been to a Blues game
and I figure I should go before I graduate even if it’s just to say that I did.

2) Make use of cheap tickets from the UTSU

3) Explore all the neighborhoods around campus. I’ve become relatively
familiar with the Annex during my time at school and I know Yorkville like
the back of my hand but I have yet to really spend any time in Kensington
Market and Chinatown.

4) Book an appointment at the Career Center and figure out what lies in my

5) Buy some U of T things at the Bookstore: water bottles, mugs, sweaters.
Anything with a U of T logo on it.

6) And while I’m at the Bookstore, sell back some of my old textbooks

7) Go to at least one campus event that I’ve never been to (i.e. a school play, an
art showing, etc.).

8) Visit all of the secret U of T spots listed by the Varsity: http://thevarsity.ca/

9) Master the art of taking graduation photos

10)I think this is the last one on everyone’s list but… GRADUATE!

What’s on your graduation bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

Natalie has recently completed her second year at the University of Toronto with a double major in History and Ethics, Society, and Law. She is excited to bring Her Campus to U of T and seeing it expand its presence in Canada. She is also active in the school's Model United Nations circles and numerous organizations off campus and is best described as a political and pop culture junkie. Born and raised in Toronto, she is blindingly proud of everything the city has to offer including the best school in the country, no matter what Macleans says, and its sports teams, no matter how many times they may lose or miss the playoffs.
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