Movember Is Here

Movember is finally here! The time of the year where men can display their hairy face masterpieces. A mustache or a beard can say a lot about the person, and there are all sorts of crazy types, going from super short to super bushy, from super straight to super curly, from super smooth to super frizzy, etc. Listed below are the four of the most awesome mustache/beard style you can get for this wonderful time of the year. 

The One with the Wise Words:

If you are the type of person who likes to give long speeches about life and its wonders, then this is the mustache style for you! Grab a long wig and a headband to rock that hippie style along with your cool mustache that you can stroke while sharing your wisdom with the world.

 The Wolverine Wannabe:

Are you all about Hugh Jackman’s hot bushy sideburns in his movie Wolverine? Then this month you can grow out your sideburns/half-beard to match your favourite movie icon. If you’re still in a Halloween mood, grab some chopsticks and hold three in each hand between your fingers and look very angry, Ta-da! You’re now a character from X-men!

The too-cool-for-you guy:

Grab some fancy Ray-Ban, put on fake piercings, along with a backward cap. Walk around with your pants too low while displaying your chic undies for everyone to see. The only thing missing is some nice curled up mustache and BAM, you’re officially the coolest guy in the room.

The One Who Steals Your Girl:

Sure you may have a man bun, but you still need that bushy beard to woo the crowd. Your girlfriend(s) will not only drool over you while staring at your sexy man bun, but at the same time they can play with your bushy face. Wear a nice leather jacket to not only complete the package but to also stay cozy in the fall season!

Overall, all of these beard/mustache styles will work for this lovely month. If you’re the type of guy who just can’t grow glorious bushy facial hair, don’t you worry, many girls prefer their man to be hairless! And hey, who said Movember is only for guys, girls can go a month without fussing over their little peach fuzz growing out again. Let the grooming begin!