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Millennials, Our Vote Matters More Than Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Toronto chapter.

Federal elections are just around the corner, and if you are 18+, it’s time to hit the polls. YAY!  Election times are always good times for me since I’m into politics and also studying Political Sci and IR in UofT. This election is not only fun but also little bit more significant for us than others. Because October elections will be the first year that every single millennial (people who were born between 1980 and 2000) are eligible to vote. If you are not planning on participating, you really should consider your decision. Why? Because our generation’s political power has risen dramatically and our vote matters more than ever. 

Even though this is the case, youth voter turnout has been low in Canada. Of course, there are many reasons why younger people do not participate in the elections. But, I will give you the most common reasons and tell you why those reasons are only “excuses.” 

“One Vote Doesn’t Matter” Said Millions 

Many of us, millennials, believe our vote does not count. However, according to Abacus Data, in 2015, youth voter turnout increased by 20 per cent (from 38% to 58%). This increase is considered being the reason why Liberals managed to form a stable majority government with Justin Trudeau in the lead. So imagine what big of a change 50 per cent increase would do. Whoever you support, know that our generation makes up the most significant percentage of the electorate and your vote makes a difference. 


“I’m like – super busy.” 

It turns out, one of the reasons why millennials don’t vote is because we don’t have time! It comes as no surprise since we sometimes don’t even have time to eat. But, did you know you can vote days before the election in your campus or vote by mail? All you need is to register and update your address (to your Toronto address) at elections.ca. 


“Not really my thing, you know.”

“I don’t know enough about political issues, parties and candidates.” Does that sound like you? Because that statement is among the excuses why many of us don’t vote. But, believe me, you do care about politics; because you do care about climate change, taxes, education, health care and more. So, vote for the MP and the party who shares the same morals and ideals with you. The best way to find more information about the parties and candidates is to visit canadaguide.com or as per usual, YouTube. And, of course, Google your riding’s MP candidates. 

Sustaining a healthy democracy is only possible with participation, and the most effective type of participation is voting. So, drop all the excuses this year and VOTE!

Oya Darıcı

U Toronto '22

Oya is a second year student at the University of Toronto, double majoring in International Relations and Political Science. She loves traveling, writing and shopping. Also, she is a huge coffee enthusiast.