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Meet the Members of FuelU


FuelU is one of the four subdivisions of the Healthy U Crew, a student group on campus that promotes health and well-being. Through various events, social media campaigns, and programming, FuelU encourages students to make healthier food choices and to become more aware of the importance of nutrition in university life. Back in November, the team was working on holding a nutrition-related event at Trinity College. Amid this planning, I caught up with a few of the members to ask them what nutrition means to them, and why they feel healthy eating is especially important for post-secondary students.

Nicole Boetto (FuelU Team Leader)

Year: 5

Program: Concurrent Teacher Education Program & Major in Nutrition

Hometown: Richmond Hill

Promoting healthy eating is something that is so important to me because basically food is our fuel. It’s what our body uses to do the many amazing things that it does. Food plays a significant impact on many areas of our lives. I believe that it is important to promote healthy eating especially on a university campus because this is a time when most students, myself included, may not be focusing on themselves but on their studies. Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet can go a long way in promoting success and overall well-being. 


Nikki Duong (Peer Health Educator) 

Year: 4

Program: Commerce

Hometown: Vietnam

Nutrition is a way of life. While growing up in a developing country, most people I knew had no idea what healthy eating was. To them, it had always been “eating to live.” When I came to Canada, and learned about the importance of good nutrition, it was an eye-opening experience. Consuming a lot more vegetables and less processed food should be the ultimate goal for us right now. You will be surprised by how much good nutrition can improve your life. Start small because you will get there! :)


Lauren Pare is a fourth-year English specialist at the University of Toronto. When she is not reading Shakespeare or modern poetry for school, she enjoys writing, painting, yoga, and green tea.
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