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Martin Petkov ’15


Name: Martin Petkov

College: Victoria College

Year: 2nd

Major: Computer Science Specialist

Place you call home: Cat’s Eye [in the Birge Carnegie building] is like a second home to me.

Relationship Status: Taken, unfortunately. Sorry to disappoint.

Favorites on-campus and off-campus locations: The UC courtyard, definitely. As for off-campus, there’s a place called Future’s Bakery. I think they sell breakfast the whole day. It’s a little past Spadina. They also give a student discount!

Toronto’s best kept secret: The Blue Banana. It’s a market that sells the coolest things ever: trinkets and just any kind of quirky stuff you might like.

Are any of the Computer Science major stereotypes true? *laughs* Mostly, yes. They wear the same clothes every day, shower once a week, really into hardcore programming and code language.

Are you like that? Pfft. Of course not. I’m not like that at all.

Pet peeves: People being late to stuff. And just in general, crazies on the subway. People smelling bad. Seriously, I can sense it from  meters away.

Top three things on your bucket list: Bungee jumping is definitely one of them. This might sound inappropriate, but fire a high powered gun at some point in my life. Finally, go to New Zealand.

Every guy needs these three things in his closet: Hmmm. Classy shoes, a nice shirt, and definitely a good belt.

Your perfect girl in 10 words or less: Someone who’s happy, honest, confident, and someone I’m comfortable with.

If you could go out with any female celebrity, who would it be? Emily Browning. Very sexy.

One you want to accomplish, or do, before graduating: Well, I want to play a concert while in a band.

Where would we find you on a Friday night? Usually out with friends, at a bar, in a restaurant. Or sometimes, I’m hanging out in Cat’s Eye because the Victoria Sci-Fi club watches movies then.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be, and why? Slowing down time. I can use it during a test or exam, and maybe take as long as I want to.

Top three turn-ons? A nice smile. Smelling nice, a good perfume, and bedroom eyes.

Turn-offs? Greasy hair, obviously. Rudeness; it’s very terrible, and clinginess.

Wymilwoood, in a sudden fit of inspiration, decides to name a sandwich after you. What would it be called, if not your name, and what would be in it? Well, definitely bacon, and Swiss cheese,. And tomatoes. And a whole bunch of more bacon. It’d be called, maybe, The Bacon Supreme.

Describe your ideal date: Go for sushi somewhere, and then later on in the day, go bowling. I find bowling to be the perfect “couple” thing to do. Then, walk her home. When morning comes, wake up, cuddle, and make her some coffee. Yeah, that pretty much sums my full ideal date.

Famous last words: I regret nothing.

How do you feel about being campus cutie? I feel flattered. It just feels really cool to be selected as that. 

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