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Low Maintenance Chic Skincare Routine


I love beauty and skincare but I don’t have the patience or the time to use many products and to go through many steps in the morning when I’m running out the door, or even at night when I’m getting into bed or going out for the evening. If you’re like me and are a beauty or skincare addict but want to be able to pamper yourself whilst on a time constraint, then this routine is for you. 


My first step involves removing my makeup. I don’t wear a full face of makeup. I love using a tinted moisturizer, some concealer, blush, bronzer and mascara and I’m good to go. I might add some eyeliner or eyeshadow if I’m feeling fancy, but usually, that is all that I do.

I alternate between using the Aveeno makeup wipes and the Pond’s cold cream, which I tend to use if I feel like I want a deep cleanse of my face. On most days though, I use the Aveeno makeup remover wipes. These wipes are great because they don’t make my skin feel like its burning like some makeup wipes tend to do and they don’t burn my eyes.

However, there is always that mascara residue on and under my eyes when I use the wipes that most makeup wearers are familiar with. And thats where the Pond’s cold cream differs, leaving behind no makeup residue!

It’s definitely a staple for me. Its both cheap and simple and added bonus, its great for dry skin. A disclaimer to note though is that it does have parabens in it, which is a concern for some people. 

I am usually very lazy when it comes to my skincare especially mid-semester. So, that first step, a lot of the time will be my only step.  However, I am trying to be more diligent with it because I realized that it isn’t just about taking care of my skin, its also about having some relaxing time for myself. I am taking care of my body and my soul at the same time. Skincare should be relaxing and enjoyable. It is a time to admire your own features and to unwind for the day. 


My next step is a toner. I find that it helps remove any other residue on my face and I am not clear as to what else it does, but it does feel great on my skin. I use a rose toner from a French brand called Nuxe. It smells amazing and feels amazing. It doesn’t have too many ingredients and it says on the bottle that it is alcohol free. It is really refreshing. Every single time I put this stuff on my face, I immediately feel more relaxed. 


I don’t use moisturizer every night especially in the summer. However, when falls comes along I’m back at it. I use the Cetaphil daily moisturizer without SPF for normal to dry skin. It is light but effective. It does not irritate my skin it feels so beautiful and luxurious but it is extremely inexpensive. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts for quite some time. It is the only moisturizer that I like to use because it really does the job. It is simple and not fancy, but it feels great on my skin. Cetaphil products are also very well-known and have been used for a very longtime. This moisturizer is the OG. 


If I am feeling extremely fancy, or I am extremely tired and have puffiness under my eyes I do use an eye cream. Eye creams are very new to me but a lot of my friends have told me that it is important to start on that very delicate skin early. I use the Dior sorbet eye cream. This is a definite splurge, however, it is very effective. It is an amazing moisturizer, but it is also very cooling for the under eyes and because of its green colour, it cancels out dark circles. I use a very light concealer because I don’t need to cover bad dark circles after using this stuff. So…something is working there!


I honestly just started to use body moisturizer because like I said, I am very lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff. I just use raw virgin coconut oil that I buy either at the grocery store.  It smells incredible, it is natural and there are no harsh chemicals and it makes my skin feel amazing. I have eczema on my hands and the coconut oil has done wonders for me. It really is nature’s moisturizer. It is cheap and easy to find, edible and has so many uses. I keep my jar in my night table and once I’m ready for bet I cannot wait to slather my body with that silky stuff. 


Let us know what your OG skincare products are and what your nighttime skincare routine is! You could still be fabulous without an expensive routine with countless steps!

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