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Kitten Season: The Highs and Lows of Fostering

Edited by Megan Cambruzzi

When my sister and I decided to foster a cat earlier this year, our experience was short lived. We quickly fell in love with Mia (named after the one and only Princess of Genovia) and decided to adopt. As the summer months ushered in kitten season, we were more than ready to try again. 

Recently we got the call informing us that three 7-week-old kittens needed a foster home. We drove to collect them that same night and named them before we had even returned home. While we settled Cedar, Cypress, and Juniper in for the night, the reality of what we had done finally started to sink in.

We now had 4 cats in our small two bedroom apartment. We were in for a wild ride.

Needless to say, it has been an incredibly busy few weeks since then. If you are considering fostering kittens, I’ll say one thing: be prepared to work. Coming home to a full litter box and three kittens bouncing with energy is a mixed experience. Yet in spite of the messes (and believe me, there have been many) and high energy play sessions, welcoming them into our lives has been incredibly rewarding. We’ve gotten more cuddle sessions than I can count and we’ve been able to watch the three kittens grow into their own unique personalities.

Cedar, equal parts dynamite and rainbows; Cypress, a foodie who loves a good snuggle; and Juniper, an absolute sweetheart with an affinity for belly rubs. These three have completely stolen our hearts and I hope they find the forever homes they deserve.

Maarya Zafar

U Toronto '22

Maarya is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto majoring in Visual studies and Book & Media studies. A creative and a foodie, you can either find her on campus working on her artistic practice or tucking into a delicious meal.
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