Introducing Studious Die-Hard Romantic Campus Cutie, Ore Tj Oteddy


Major(s): Ethics, Society and Law and Economics

Class Status: First Year

Dream Job:  To Teach

Favourite Colour: Purple

What is your Intended career path in life?

Studies show a person would have an average of about 7 careers in a lifetime. In view of this, my plan is to practice law and work in an oil company for a while, teach, and then manage/run my parents' school eventually. I might also dabble in politics in my country - who knows?

What country are you from?


What are your some of your interest and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Apart from sleeping and catching up on series (shout out to Scandal, Revenge and Arrow fans!) when the U of T workload permits I love to meet new people, teaching, and read romance novels.

What are some of your favourite romance literature?

Macbeth by William Shakespeare (bittersweet read, but decoding the plot was enjoyable) and Redeeming Love by Francis Rivers. 

If you had to write a plot for a romance novel what would it sound like?

A man gets AIDS the first time he cheats on his wife. Life goes downhill from there. The wife finds out and separates from him. The man is miserable at first but he eventually gets his act together and finds every way possible to win back his wife. They later remarry but the man enters a coma, never to come out, on the night of the honeymoon.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Perfect date?? My best question so far!! To make the perfect date the guy would have to be sweet, attentive and a gentleman. Doesn’t matter if we cook dinner together or he takes me out to dinner (as long as he doesn’t ‘forget’ his wallet).

Who’s your favourite actor/actress?

Don’t really have one – as long as you are convincing and hot, you’re a favourite.

Last question… If I were to grab your I-pod from you right now, what music would I catch you listening to?

No particular song. R&B most likely or gospel.

This is Perfect! Thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure.

Haha, the pleasure is mine Sweets.