Holistic Cures to Your Sickness

As life tends to get more stressful, and work, school and friends get harder to organize your body can become overwhelmed. I have talked before about ways to handle your immune system, and healthier ways to handle sickness. In today’s day and age we are beginning to see two different sides to curing sicknesses: Western and Holistic.

A lot of western medicine approaches involve more chemical based products, with the promise of a quick fix. As well, these products are sometimes a lot cheaper, and easier to use, we are more familiar to them! In contrast, holistic approaches involve more natural products that are around the same price range, and in the long run treat your body kindly!

I’m going to show you through comparing medications prescribed for three common sicknesses: the Cold, a Stomach Ache and Fatigue.



1. The Common Cold

This is the worst, it seems to come out of nowhere and last for what feels like forever. It can be minor, with a runny nose, sore throat. Or start a fever, chills and body aches.

Western: You may run to the drug store, buy yourself some Cough Syrup, some halls and cold and flu medication. These iterms provide quick relief and are beneficial at times. But, they are by no means natural products.

Holistic: As mentioned in a previous article, Oil of Oregano is my go-to fixer for whenever I feel a cold coming on. I put two drops in my water and drink up. It’s an herb based oil that has a lot of antibiotic properties to it. The taste is not very yummy but it’s not nearly as bad as Buckley’s, and is a lot better for your body in the long run.


2. Stomach Ache

For the vast majority, a stomach ache consists of any digestive issues, cramping or any kind of jolting pain. These issues sometimes arise from if your stomach is having a hard time breaking down food and/or is regulating properly. Either way it can really dampen your day and affect your activity!

Western: Any type of Ibuprofen product might be suggested, laxative or concentrated doses of a vitamin. These again are quick fixes, and aren’t treating your tummy delicately.

Holistic: A Digestive Enzyme is what I would recommend for any tummy troubles. It’s a vitamin that is very cheap and can be purchased at any store. It helps your stomach break down your food in a natural way, and allows it to relax. A lot of the time digestive issues are related to Bacterial issues within your stomach, this could be any bacterial compound finding its way into your stomach and it interferes with the way it functions. Chlorophyll is a plant based liquid that I like to put into my water before my breakfast every morning. A bottle rounds to about eight dollars, and lasts a whole year! It has good bacteria components that help counteract with the bad. This is also good to take, when on antibiotics for it helps maintain your good bacteria.

3. Fatigue

During exams, midterms, or a busy schedule fatigue hits hard, and seems to be everlasting.

Western: This is a universal idea, but caffeine! I am a sucker for multiple cups of coffee, during the day and at nighttime. But what coffee does is it subtracts water from your body. And a hydrated body is one that functions and moves properly. When you’re dehydrated, you may experience headaches, muscle cramps, bloating, etc.

Holistic: Try switching to tea! Basil tea is one of the most highly caffeinated teas you can purchase, and is very good for your stomach, and it keeps you hydrated. Most black teas are actually more caffeinated then certain kinds of coffee.  As well, if you’re feeling fatigued it could be because your iron count is low! Females especially experience low levels of iron, which isn’t good for your body! There are foods such as broccoli, and apples that are high in iron and of course meat! Maintaining a balanced diet will help this!


Overall, a lot of western medicines are very helpful and beneficial! But there are times where it isn’t the ONLY solution. There are natural products that are just as effective and treat your body in the long run better.