Halloween Ideas for the Spontaneous Collegiette

October is here and Halloween is on the horizon once again. You didn’t need us to tell you that though, seeing that you can probably imagine the dust lift off the shelves as retail stores stock up on multi-coloured wigs, more cheap body suits and sexy or naughty “some-things,” but no truly horrific costumes or creative put-togethers. So we’ve collected a list of cool costumes that you or you and the girlfriends/friends/boyfriend can pull off. But before we enlighten you, take a look at some of the best and worst costumes we’ve found…

(N.B. Take what you might from this list, but most importantly treat it as a do’s and don’ts guide)


Ernie and Bernie are being way too sexualized here. It stains childhood memories a bit. Just a bit.

Many have noticed this girl has tried and she gets a good thumbs up for getting the creative juices flowing, but the costume just. Doesn't. Look. Right.

A vampire with her maxi pad. Hmmm... many are not sure about this one.

It's pretty obvious why this costume is on the one of the worst: it's offensive and racist, does anything else need to be said?

On the other hand..


This bunch looks like a fun bunch.

Miss Gory in a red dress gained a lot of thumbs up.

Everybody likes a classic Superwoman, especially with a creative spin to it. 

We've given you a taste of the Best and Worst Costumes we could find. Here is a list of costume for the individual Halloween Trooper:

Here's The Weeping Angel from Doctor Who:

Elsa from Frozen:

or how about a cute tiger:

ET and You:

Tom Raider Costume:

or how about a glamorous vintage Wicked Witch of the West:

If you're a Nerd Girl, how about a Fletcher and Ariel costume?:

Or a Lady Joker?

Okay so we've given you some cool ideas, but are you feeling a little more spontaneous this halloween and want to pull something off with your girlfriends/friends? Here's a couple costumes that will have you be the life of the night:

Dr.Suess Thing 1 & Thing 2:

How about the Ninja Turtles:

Three Blind Mice:

The Minions from Despicable Me:

Mario and the Crew:


Looney Tunes:

Bob's Burgers:


The Power Rangers:

Or how about some costumes for you and your bae:


Hercules and Megara:

Play it up with Wanda and Cosmo:

or a really cool Skeleton Couple:

Happy Halloween!