Is Frosh For Everyone?

If you are in high school, you have most likely heard about Frosh or you may be an upper year student who has never attended Frosh but saw all the younger students having fun around campus last week.

But is Frosh for everyone?

I remember over the summer when I had to sign up for Frosh, and I wasn’t 100% sure if I should. Almost all my friends were planning on going, so I assumed that I would miss out on a big experience if I didn’t go. My Frosh was six days long and it started around 8:30am every morning. Since I commuted, I attended the events a bit later because I ate breakfast at home.

Here is a quick summary of the thoughts I had during some of my Frosh days.

First Day:

Super excited. Extremely nervous. What if I don’t make any friends? Wait, that’s why I am going to Frosh, to make friends! I grab my kit, put on my T-Shirt, and jump into the crowd. Wow, they’re loud. Wait, do I cheer too? But people might think I’m weird. I just want to get back to sleep.

Fourth Day:

I am so sick of waking up early. Hey, I learned some of the cheers! I made a few friends, I guess. Wow, these people are so sweet. If I was home, I could’ve watched that movie. Should I be home preparing for the first day of school? Oooo FACE PAINT!

Last Day:

But I just started to have fun! Oh thank god last day to wake up so early…until school starts in two days. I just made more friends though! Will I even see them ever again, after this? Bittersweet.

I must admit Frosh was extremely exciting, yet exhausting all at the same time. We had the option of not attending the events we didn’t want to. Since I commuted, I left early, which was a big disadvantage since all the fun events were at night. I remember some people in our group were not interested in the activities at all. For instance, one of the girls in the group brought her sketchbook to the mandatory meetings and just sat in the corner of room and drew. 

Overall Frosh is definitely not for everyone. I would assume that extroverts would have more fun than introverts. Don’t ever think you are obligated to attend Frosh since everyone else is doing it - only attend FROSH if you honestly want to go and not just because your friends are going.