Five Ways To Become A Better Feminist

Edited by Ann Marie Elpa

If you’re a feminist, you’re doing it wrong. In light of the International Day of the Girl coming up, why not take the opportunity to work towards attaining the perfection that is so far from your grasp. Without further ado, here are five ways you can be a better feminist.

  1. 1. Retweet a twitter thread about how Sharpay was the real hero of High School Musical

    Internalized misogyny manifests in incredibly toxic, damaging ways, but the important thing is learning from your mistakes. What better way to show your progress than by retweeting an impassioned tweetstorm about how Sharpay was unfairly demonized because she dared to dream and hustle hard?

  2. 2. Only reply to texts with girl-power themed Bitmojis.

    A picture is worth 1000 words and a Bitmoji is worth next to nothing. A feminist Bitmoji, however, is the perfect blend of ideological and sassy. Use the extra time you have from not having to type out long texts to your friend telling her to break up with her man and start reading A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft.

  3. 3. Drop $860 on a Dior “We should all be feminists” t-shirt.

    If a social movement takes place and a corporation doesn’t try to capitalize on it, does it really exist? No. And if you don’t buy into it, are you really part of the movement? Also no. Bonus points if you’re listening to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk or Flawless by Beyoncé as you punch in your credit card number.

  4. 4. Vote for Elizabeth May in the upcoming federal election.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in American politics, but don’t forget we have women a woman in politics here as well! So, grab your single-use cup and your Greta Thunberg merch and help make herstory this year. 

  5. 5. Don’t buy your mum a Cuisinart for Christmas.

    Even if she asks for it. Same goes for shapewear.