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We at Her Campus U of T are no strangers to the Youtube beauty guru scene. From practical makeup tips to haul videos, we love them all. Lately I have been loving and subscribing to more British beauty gurus because of their personalities and intriguingly different products they have over there. Here’s a list of British beauty vloggers  worth checking out: 

Tanya Burr from Pixie2Woo


Tanya is one of my absolute favourite gurus because of her easy to follow tutorials and bubbly personality. She was trained at a local Laura Mercier counter and newly engaged to Jim Chapman, the brother of Samantha and Nicole Chapman also known as PixieWoo. Her internet fame has led her to attend London Fashion Week on numerous seasons and do makeup looks on celebrities such as Lottie Tomlinson (Harry from One Direction’s sister) and Millie Mackintosh!


Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup


I love Anna’s videos for being so personable and overall great communicator. You can see bits of her decor at home with simple details and lovely lines which I adore. She doesn’t do makeup tutorials very often but gives great advice and edits her videos well. 


Estée from EssieButton


I only recently started watching EssieButton but I love her because A) she’s a Canadian living in England (my dream!) B) real. She’s not quite like the other beauty gurus I watch in that she doesn’t seem like she is trying to make sure she says the right things or worries about how she looks in camera. She says what’s on her mind (most of the time) and her editing just makes you feel like she’s directly talking to you as if you’re sitting right in front of her. I also love her music taste when she decides to put in a few tunes in her videos. 


Fleur from FleurDeForce


I’ve been watching Fleur for a long time mainly for her haul videos. She goes shopping quite often and usually has great products to recommend. Unfortunately some of them are only available in the UK which leaves me on an internet wide search for them. She’s engaged too and I can’t wait to see her wedding vlog! 


Do you have any non-American beauty vloggers you love to watch? Let us know! 



Vanessa is a third year student at the University of Toronto. She is majoring in Employment Relations with double minors in Sociology and Human Geography. She is excited to start the Fall 2012 year as the new Campus Correspondent after a year of being a contributing writer for the Chapter. She will be studying abroad at the University of Oxford during the summer of 2012, hoping to come back with many experiences to write about. Aside from her studies and Her Campus responsibilities, Vanessa has a great appreciation for style, health and fitness, travel, and the finest dining experiences Toronto has to offer.
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