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Erik Masson ’14

Name: Erik Masson

Year: 3rd year

Program: History and Classical Civilizations

Faculty: Arts & Science

College: University College

Hometown: St. John, New Brunswick

Favourite Music: The White Stripes

Status: Single

Favourite part of U of T: It’s pretty easy to find something exciting going on. If you’re bored in Toronto, you’re doing it wrong.

In a girl I look for: I’m not particularly particular, but I’m not huge on shyness. Conversation is pretty important, so I like a girl who is laid-back, relaxed, and easy to talk to. Musical talent is definitely a turn-on.
Perfect date: A romantic dinner aboard a ship, on a calm August night. With Jack White serenading.

Deal breaker: Bad musical taste.

Hobbies: Guitar, poetry, movies, reading, and hedonism.

Food: Yams. Things fall apart without yams.

Favourite Movie: The Lion King

Future Plans: Go to sleep, wake up in the morning. Be a rockstar.

Coffee or tea? Both. Little bit of sugar in the coffee, and it depends on the tea. Equal opportunity.
Favourite Holiday: Christmas, ’cause I get to see lot of family I don’t get to see too often.

Does it feel to be a Campus Cutie? It feels cute.  

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