Clubs Feature: University of Toronto Quidditch Team

Though I'm not a sports person myself, I'm always genuinely amazed at how many different kinds of sports and sports teams are offered at UofT. One such team is the University of Toronto Centaurs Quidditch team. While unfortunately, they don't fly, UofT Quidditch mimics the sport seen in the Harry Potter university, blending the muggle sports of basketball and dodgeball (complete with your very own broomstick of course). I'm hoping to reach you Harry Potter fans with this one, so read on to find out how you can nerd out and be a part of a great sports team!

Name of club/team: University of Toronto Centaurs Quidditch

Founded/Established: 2009

Link to social media: Facebook: University of Toronto Quidditch 

Instagram: @utoronto.quidditch

Answers Provided By:

Hannah Mazurek - 3rd Year, Faculty of Music, Voice and History Theory Major

Madeline Surman - 3rd Year, Victoria College, Psychology Major Garent Lollar - 5th Year, Victoria College, Microbology and Earth Sciences Major

Monica Mazurkiewicz - 4th Year, Victoria College, Business Management Major


Tell me about the UofT Quidditch Team in a few sentences or less

Quidditch is an all gender, contact sport, and we’re the team that organizes it at U of T. We hold practices and compete against other university teams in tournaments. Quidditch plays like a mix of Rugby and Basketball… on broomsticks! Chasers and the Keeper score on the hoops, while Beaters use dodge balls to defend them by knocking opponents out of play. The Seekers catch the Snitch (a neutral referee with a flag attached to their back).


How did you find out about UofT Quidditch and that made you interested in becoming a part of it?

Most of us found out about it either online or from noticing people on broomsticks throwing a ball around in the Club’s Fair. As for interest, it depends on who you ask: some of us came out of a love of Harry Potter, or for the excitement of a highly strategic and physical new sport. Or for both!


How does a typical Quidditch practice / game work? Do students need experience or interest in sports / Harry Potter?

General athleticism is more important than a love for Harry Potter. A usual practice begins with a warmup and skill drills before continuing on to scrimmages. It is a very physical sport, but we expect new recruits to have no prior knowledge.

How has the team impacted you since joining?

Quidditch is all about the community. It is one filled with great people from all disciplines and has a wide ranging reach. You meet so many new and interesting friends not just at U of T but also from other universities across the country.


What are some things about this year’s team that you’re excited for?

Both the regional and national tournaments are within the GTA which means that we will have a season with lots of play time.


Do you think there are any misconceptions in being a part of a Quidditch team? What’s something you’d like to dispel(pun intended)?

No, we don’t fly. Although Quidditch is based on the fictional game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter universe, it’s been its own sport for 12 years now and has very much gained its own identity. You don’t need to be a Potterhead to play Quidditch, although a lot of us are!


Where can interested students find out about UofT Quidditch and how can they join?

The best way is coming out to one of our weekly practices and trying it out for yourself! Find out when we host these open practices by liking us on facebook, or following us on instagram.


What’s your patronus?

A Centaur, clearly!