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Bubbly and Carefree are synonymous for Campus Cutie, Annie Shi

When she’s not busy acing her midterms, she spends time on herself and recharging her batteries in preparation for what life throws at her next. Check out our latest chat with UC campus cutie, Annie Shi and find out about her unique interests and take on life! 

Name: Annie Shi

Program of Study: Life Sciences

Intended Major: Either pharmacology or pharmaceutical chemistry

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship Status: Single 

College: University College

Year of Study: First Year

What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in astrology?  My zodiac sign is the rat. I don’t really believe in zodiac signs but I believe in horoscopes more. I’m a Leo and apparently I am very passionate.

What’s your take on mainstream music? I don’t really listen to mainstream music that much. I prefer slow songs, folk rock, and sometimes pop. 

What’s the most played song on your playlist at the moment? “Please don’t say you love me” by Gabriele Aplin 

Who are your top three favourite youtubers? I actually only have two: Wong Fu and Nigahiga.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Binge eating chocolate  

What can’t you live without? I cannot live without motivational quotes 

What’s your favourite motivational quote? “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” I love that quote, it’s my favourite.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I either hang out with my friends or stay home and do something crafty. Or I just go all lazy and go to sleep being as I’m constantly sleep deprived.

If your were given a choice to marry, date, or dump Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, or Ian Somerhalder, which one would you pick? This is so hard, they’re all so handsome. I say, marry Ryan Gosling, date Channing Tatum and dump Ian, he looks too old.

How would you describe yourself in three words? I would say that I am friendly, ambitious and kind of loud. 

How would you describe your dream man? He has to be someone who understands my jokes and laughs with me like a little kid. But there has to be moments when he is understanding and acts mature like an adult too. 

Tell me something people don’t know about you? I don’t like telling this to a lot of people but I’m actually afraid of being alone sometimes. I always try to surround myself with my friends and loved ones.

How have the first few months at U of T been for you as a freshman? At first, it was very stressful because of all the midterms and it was hard adjusting to university and res life! But after a while I met a lot of great people and university life became much more comfortable and less overwhelming. 

Have you been able to get involved in any on-campus clubs? No I haven’t and I really regret it! I’ve been busy adjusting to the heavy course load but I want to join a lot of clubs starting next semester! 

What are your goals post-university? Before doing anything serious I want to take a break and travel the world. I want some time to find myself and reflect on life. 

Jina Aryaan is one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief of Her Campus UToronto. She is a fourth year student pursuing a major in Sociology, and a double minor in French and Latin American Studies at the University of Toronto. She has been working with Her Campus since her first year of University, and she is also highly involved on campus through various other leadership positions. When she's not busy studying, you can catch her running around campus to get to her next class or meeting. When she has some spare time, she's likely busy writing, discussing politics, or spending quality time with friends and family.
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