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Book Review: Man’s Search for Meaning written by Viktor Frankl

“Man’s Search for Meaning” is a beautiful and eye-opening novel. It is emotional and fascinating. It is a story that is a must read for the summer. It is a powerful, intriguing, intense and gripping story that requires great attention. The novel is about a man’s story of survival during the Holocaust and his journey toward the discovery of the meaning of life. The book was written by Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist by profession, and first published in 1946. It discussed Frankl’s devastating experience in the Holocaust.

Viktor Frankl was taken from his home and forced to live and endure unfathomable torture in concentration camps during World War II. Moreover, he lost his family, including his wife during the Holocaust.  His story is inspiring and his wisdom really helped me self-reflect. The first part of the book is a discussion of Viktor Frankl’s experience in the Holocaust. He talks about the trauma that he faced, how he dealt with that trauma and how he observed other people that were in the camps with him and their experiences. In the second half of the book, Victor Frankel talked about his method in treating people with various emotional issues. He called it “logotherapy.” Logotherapy derives from the word “logos” which can be translated as “meaning” in Greek. Logotherapy works on the basis that people have the inherent drive to find meaning to their lives, and through logotherapy one can look for that meaning. Viktor Frankl’s  method of psychiatry is an eye-opener, as the perspective he uses to examine people’s emotions is very different from anything I have seen before.  

The story was very inspiring as he never gave up on discovering the meaning of life in general, and discovering the meaning of his own life. I think this a fantastic read for the summer. It is great for anytime and anywhere, whether you are going on vacation, taking summer school, or just chilling out, as reading Victor Frankl’s book involves deep self-reflection. As I read Frankl’s observations and as I developed an understanding of his method of psychiatry, I began to examine myself and how my brain worked. It was such a profound book that can be read at the beach, at home, on your patio or at a coffee shop. It also encourages great self-awareness. I cannot stress enough how incredible this book is, and I definitely encourage this book to be on everyone’s summer reading list. This is also a great and fascinating read for people interested in philosophy and psychology. 


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