The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2017: What Should Stay and What Should Go?

By Sarah Dai 

Edited by Sophia Savva

I think we can all agree that 2017 was a crazy, rollercoaster year. It was full of both the good and, and fashion trends were no different. 2017 brought us a lot of interesting and shocking fashion statements. Some were old styles making a comeback, and some were just downright outrageous. Whatever the case may be, with 2017 well behind us, it seemed like a good idea to take a look back on all the biggest fashion trends of 2017. Get excited, let's do this. 

Puffer jackets

Let's start this list off strong. Puffer jackets were all the rage this year. I felt like everywhere I went, people were wearing these. I am still on the fence about this trend, because although I love some of the more fitted styles, I am not the hugest fan of the oversized, puffy ones. I feel like those are harder to pull off and for people with small body frames like myself, it makes me feel like I’m an oompa loompa on steroids.

Ripped mom jeans 

I am SO into this. The return of the ripped fabric, grunge looking style in 2017 made me very excited. These jeans are like a step up from the classic ripped pants that everyone loves, and can make any outfit go from boring to chic within seconds. Also, can we talk about how awesome it is that mom jeans are making a comeback?? They are honestly the best and most comfortable kind of pants. 

Adidas Superstar sneakers/vans

Literally the most ~basic~ shoes of 2017. Everywhere you went, you’ll most likely find a handful of people, guys or girls, rocking these. Towards the middle of the year, I totally caved and bought a pair. And okay, sure, call me a basic white girl but I absolutely love these sneakers. They work with essentially every outfit, whether you want to dress down a fancy dress or skirt, or pair it with a classic tee and jeans. This pair of shoes always got yo back, and even though I can’t be sure if this trend will continue in 2018, you can bet I will continue to wear mine.

Bomber jackets 

Oh my god, bomber jackets are the best kind of accessory because they literally go with every season and every occasion you can think of. Just like the sneakers, they can be matched with almost anything and still manage to pull the whole look together.

Knee-high boots 

Okay I seriously LOVE this trend. It makes an outfit look ten times more sophisticated and awesome. I especially dig the heeled ones.


I know people have a lot of mixed opinions about this accessory, but I’m personally a fan of it. You got to be careful with what you wear with it though, as it can either make or break a look.

Designer print tees (e.g.: Gucci tee)

A perfect mixture of simple and stylish. 

Off the shoulder/Bardot top

The 80’s are making a comeback, y’all!! Okay this may be one of my fave trends of 2017. I just feel like there are so many options and styles available with off-the-shoulder shirts. There’s those frilly, cropped ones, the grungy puffy ones, and the casual and form-fitting ones. SO MANY OPTIONS.

Cut out knits

A twist on a classic knitted sweater and I’m all for it.

Shirt dresses

Any excuse to not wear pants flies with me.


UGH, this trend needs to DIE in 2018. #overit


Basically an upgraded version of regular flip flops, so nothing too special; although they do have the power to make you feel cooler when you wear it.

Flared jeans 

Not the hugest fan of these. I still prefer my skinny jeans, TBH.

Chunky boots

Hate to say it but they are kinda cute. It’s also an additional bonus for short gals like myself because these boots add like a good 3-4 inches.

Adidas track pants

This look falls into a very hot trend of 2017: casual athletic wear. Now, you can look like you work out without actually going to the gym!! It's pure genius and manipulation at its finest. 


Did your fave trend make it on the list? Which ones are you secretly hoping will stay in 2018 and which ones are you ready to ditch? Let us know in the comments! 

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