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Affordable Beauty Products to Try in The New Year

Edited by Tasmiyah Randeree

In college we need to budget what we spend, we can’t spend all our days spending at Sephora. However we still want to look fabulous. Here are some great beauty products and beauty tips for college students on a budget: 


L’oreal Glotion

This product is amazing! Its a lotion that you can apply before or after your foundation which has the ability to make your skin look dewy. It gives your face a beautiful sun-kissed glow, so even when your skin is going through some winter dryness, you can still give the illusion that you held onto your beautiful summer skin! It also comes in five different shades so it can work on anyone. This is a great product that can be found at any local drugstore  for $17-$20, depending on where you buy it: Amazon 


Smashbox Primerizer

This primer is amazing for dehydrated and dry skin. It adds an extra level of moisture and helps your makeup last. It is a wonderful product that you can douse your face in. Your skin will thank you for it, trust me. The full size if this product is pricey at $50 but Sephora has the travel size which costs $18, definitely worth it for the effect it has on your skin! Sephora


Sephora Samples

I love to get samples of some of the really expensive perfumes at Sephora. I went to Sephora to look for a perfume and decided that instead of spending the money right away, I would try a couple and see how I liked them first. I was able to get four samples and they lasted for quite a while. I won’t need to buy them for at least a month, that way I can save up for the perfume I really want, and I still get to wear it while I wait.


Maybelline lipsticks

Maybelline nude lipsticks are currently one of my favourite beauty products to use. The application is really easy and smooth and its durability is great; I can wear mine for hours! The great thing about nude is that it suits everyone and at $10 it's hard to say no to owning a Maybelline lipstick: The Bay


Victoria’s Secret Body Sprays

Victoria’s Secret may not be known for their body sprays, but they should be. They have a huge variety of sprays with all kinds of scents so there's something for everyone. Its a great purchase if you want to smell amazing all year round but don't want to break the bank by purchasing a designer perfume. The larger size costs about $18 but they usually go on sale at various times throughout the year so be sure to get your hands on them during sale season: Victoria's Secret 

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