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8 Strike-Related Activities You Can Do With That Extra Daylight Saving Hour

It’s time to “spring forward” again because of Daylight Savings. Ever wondered what you could have done with that extra hour instead? We came up with 8 things you should’ve done–and offer a few suggestions on what you could be doing anyway.

1. Do Your Readings

The TAs going on strike doesn’t mean that you won’t have to get caught up on the readings eventually. Just remember: when the strike is over, you’ll be expected to have kept up with all of your readings.

2. Work on your Essays!

Not sure if your syllabus is changing? Not sure when everything is due? Then you better get started on those essays that are due–with the strike, or not–because it’s better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you want to do to your returning TA is to ask for an extension.

Now there are only seven hundred ninety-nine more words to go…

3. Get Caffeinated

You know you need it, and you know you love it. Coffee is a magical, wonderful thing that keeps you awake during lecture and warm while you’re trekking through the Toronto winters. If you’re feeling generous, bring some for your friends who are striking in solidarity with the TAs–or sip away on that venti flat white as you pass by that fourth picket line.

4. Eat All the Food

We get you, JLaw, we get you. Food is beautiful, and goes so well with that coffee we just picked up. But food can also get expensive, and it’s even harder to stay fed when wages are below the poverty line. Now, who wants a Timbit?

5. Go on Social Media

Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest. Any social media even remotely connected to the university is blowing up about CUPE 3902. It’s also a great way to stay updated on the latest news about the Strike.

6. Get Educated… on the internet

Since you’re online anyway, you may as well read up on the articles about the strike, right? And everyone posted so many helpful links on all the different social media sites. Besides, we need to know when the TAs are back to confirm whether or not that essay is still due.





7. Reorganize Your Music Library

You never know where you might find that one song that’s perfect to march to. One, two, three, four, what is CUPE striking for? Five, six, seven, eight, tell U of T to negotiate! Hmm, this one seems catchy.

8. Write a Letter

Don’t feel like staring at the blank word document, even though you know you’re supposed to be working on something? (Refer back to point 2.) Well, there’s always the option of typing up a letter expressing your opinion about the Strike, and send it to U of T administrators. No matter what level of education you might be in, it’s never too early or late to express your opinions about your community, school, or education.

Now spring forth, and get involved with the CUPE!

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