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8 Instagram Activism Accounts You Should Follow

Edited By: Tanmaya Ramprasad 

In the past year, there has been a larger generation of awareness and discussion about social injustices. It was around this time that very important movements such as BLM (Black Lives Matter) and other movements began to generate. This made society more aware of the past and injustices many minorities are experiencing or have experienced. And although a year has passed, activism and change do not happen overnight. Activism is all about continuous education, awareness, and taking action. With that being said, I have compiled a list of 8 socially impactful content creators whose platforms inspire to take action. My hope is that people will continue to follow these accounts, educate themselves and keep the conversation going on these very important social injustice matters!


‘We the Urban’ works to promote inclusivity by way of education activism, self-love promotion, and amplifying marginalized voices. They are also black-owned!


‘Feminist’ is a huge community on Instagram that has over 6.5 million followers. They promote all things diversity, feminism and typically cater their content to current social injustice events to keep their followers constantly informed about things that matter.

Shit You Should Care About

This Instagram account talks all things education anywhere from social injustices, mental health, environmental justice, current events and more! They also just came out with a daily newsletter to help people stay informed.

Avery Francis

Avery is a Toronto based influencer/entrepreneur who sheds light on all thing’s growth, social injustice, allyship, mental health, feminism, gender equity and much more. Avery is such a great follow, especially for any Canadians, her platform is so informative and full of positivity.

Join the Lucha

‘Join the Lucha’ is a creative network of “cross-sector Latin@/x leaders” who aim to promote and drive change by way of altering their narrative. They promote all things social injustice changes and keep their followers informed on what is going on in the world. They are a great follow and post truly amazing content!

So You Want to Talk About

‘So you want to talk about’ is a “progressive politics and social issues” infographic Instagram account. They post on distinct topics such as social injustices, good news, gaslighting, imposter syndrome, etc in a format that encompasses a plethora of information to easily educate people on distinct topics. This account is an amazing follow for educating yourself on activism, and overall one of my favorite Instagram accounts in 2020/2021!


Dom Roberts, or more commonly just Dom on her Instagram, is an amazing activist. Her content is produced in times that social injustices occur to help educate people on these topics that need to generate better conversations. She also has a podcast called “The Uncomfortable Podcast” and an additional Instagram in partnership with Quentin Swenke, promoting an “open dialogue about uncomfortable topics”. Dom truly has such an amazing platform, where she is promoting these uncomfortable but extremely needed conversations to help end the oppression of marginalized communities. She truly works so hard to express this to her followers, and her account is worth the follow!

Chicks For Climate

This is a platform that focuses on “feminism and environmentalism” coming together to help bring awareness and exposure via their over 300k followers! This is a great activism account that does additionally discusses current social injustice issues but has a key focus on their niche of feminism/environmentalism. They post great alternatives, tips, and information on these topics and are definitely worth a follow!

I hope you follow up on some of these Instagram activist accounts! They are all so amazing. Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow these accounts and amplify their voices because as I said before activism does not happen overnight. 

Daphne Sucic

U Toronto '21

Fourth year student majoring in Communication, Culture, Information & Technology, and double minoring in Professional Writing and Sociology. Passionate about all things fitness & food!
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