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6 Streetwear Essentials to up your Street Cred

Edited by Avleen Grewal

It’s funny how street fashion has evolved from the age of loose grey sweats and matching hoodies to runway-ready designer wear. The now multi-billion industry powered by mainstream celebrities, influencers and millennials has developed into a curated lifestyle and small circle for the fashion-forward. Brands such as Supreme, Off White, A Bathing Ape and Yeezy each have a hefty price tag, adding to their popularity and exclusivity among those who can afford such a trend. Carlyle Group, a private-equity firm on Wall Street, reportedly bought a 50% stake in Supreme for about $500 million.


The real question is, “Can I keep up with a trend without risking my wallet?”


With affordable, everyday brands such as Adidas, Champion and Nike and trendy pieces from fast-fashion outlets, catching onto the streetwear trend can be done so without the expensive burden. Where to start? Below are six streetwear essentials for every starter, whether you want to experiment with this type of fashion or add a few pieces to your everyday ensemble is completely up to you!


Fanny packs


 Your favourite nostalgic accessory is making a comeback! This loveable small bag is convenient, light and makes an edgy statement. Wear it around your waist with a pair of jeans or diagonally across a hoodie. For as little as $10 at some retailers, you too, can catch onto this trend.


Tiny sunglasses


We sense some late ‘90s/early 2000’s vibes coming from this fun accessory! Tiny sunglasses create a slightly edgy and mysterious look to a simple outfit. For extra street cred, style with a matching sweatsuit.


Track pants


Trust us when we say, THESE ARE THE COMFIEST PAIR OF PANTS YOU WILL EVER OWN. Black track pants are a staple in every hypebeast’s closet. Style a pair of adidas track pants with a matching hoodie, graphic tee or wear it with a plain white shirt and dad hat. You can also dress up your track pants with a laced teddy onesie, shearling coat and a pair of heeled booties. The possibilities with track pants are endless. If you’re feeling risky, you can experiment with bold colours such as red or yellow.


Oversized Hoodies


Hoodies are another major staple to a hypebeast’s wardrobe, though, we KNOW how much branded hoodies can cost. Our recommendation? Buy an oversized plain black hoodie, particularly from the men’s department. Not only is an oversized hoodie comfortable but it can be paired with your favourite pair of track pants (see above), black ripped jeans or camo joggers. For a more feminine look, you can wear an oversized hoodie on its own along with thigh high boots. Don’t forget your dad hat and a fanny pack!


Puffy Parka


Staying fashionable during Canadian winters can have its drawbacks. Luckily, investing in a good puffer coat can a.) keep you warm and b.) keep you looking fresh ;) Style a small red puffer coat with a pair of camo joggers and tiny sunglasses.


A good pair of everyday trainers


 We mean it when say that shoes are a GREAT investment. Though, we do know that shoes can be quite pricey ranging from upwards of $300. Invest in a good pair of everyday trainers that can be paired with any basic outfit. We recommend purchasing a pair of Nike Air Force 1s or the classic Vans lace-up sneakers.


Ann Marie Elpa

U Toronto '21

  Ann Marie Elpa is a third-year student at Victoria College at the University of Toronto St. George. She majors in both English and Book and Media Studies, hoping to pursue a career in journalism. Apart from being involved with the HerCampus team, Ann Marie currently serves as the President of Alpha Omicron Pi's Beta Tau Chapter and has bylines in NBGA Mag, The Varsity, The Strand and HuffPost. She is also a brand ambassador for companies such as Sephora, Bumble, Michael Kors and Hallmark. Ann loves a good Starbucks coffee and a rom-com. 
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