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5 Spring 2021 Skincare & Beauty Faves the Internet *Convinced* Me to Buy

Edited by Olivia Spahn-Vieira  

Spring is around the corner. I think it’s  no coincidence that I’ve been seeing so many skincare routines and products on Tiktok and through my favourite influencers… Needless to say, I’m convinced, and am running, not walking, to Sephora!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Working our way from the outside in, we have collagen supplements! I’ve been seeing these a lot lately and gave in by ordering a tub! Collagen is a protein our bodies produce, which helps us look and feel our best, but which tends to deplete as we age. Beauty wise, I’ve noticed a rapid growth in my nails, and dark spots on my skin have improved slightly in the month I’ve been using it. Also, it’s so easy to add to your diet; I just put a scoop in my coffee daily and it dissolves with ease.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

This tip comes from the hot girl herself, Megan Thee Stallion, who incorporates it into her nighttime routine! The bio-oil helps treat hyperpigmentation on her face. Truly, if Megan says it’s good, that’s all the validation I need. In all seriousness though, this oil is great for scar recovery, uneven skin tone and is moisturizing too. Did I say it’s non-comedogenic?!

Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Moisturizer

Now, this product might actually be worth the hype! I’ve been seeing this all over and I’m not mad about it!
This moisturizer is going to be perfect for that warmer weather since it’s so lightweight but also hydrating! The fact that it’s oil-free and filled with amino acids is just the extra persuasion I needed to hear.

Kylie Skin Lip Oil

Kylie skin everyone! Yes, this may be biased because it’s Kylie Jenner, but come on!
Her new lip oil recently released, and it’s been causing quite a riot, in the best possible way. If you don’t follow Kylie or aren’t familiar with it, the oil is like a clear coat lip gloss that is extremely hydrating. It has vitamin E and coconut oil, with a little bonus: lip plumping. (it’s Kylie, so were we really surprised?)

Do I need this for spring? Yes, and you do too!

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil

Moving onto haircare, we have the trendy honey infused hair oil! Seriously, every influencer has one and I need to know how it is, for myself! 
The packaging is very aesthetically pleasing, and it’s said to be a superstar for repairing, adding shine and nourishing your hair with Mirsalehi honey. 

BRB, making some purchases…

Eboni is in her final year of studying journalism and minoring in media and film studies at the University of Toronto. With a love for all things music, fashion and wellness; Eboni is excited to share her passion for writing by unleashing her creativity and expressing herself to others. In her everyday life she focuses on fitness, indulging in a good book, taking photos and exploring new city spots (food related of course!)
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