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15 Costumes You’ll see around Campus this Halloween, and Announcing the Winners to our Giveaway!

Todays marks the end of our third giveaway: the Halloween themed giveaway with prizes generously donated from Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria and Fresh Restaurants. We asked the U of T community what their best costume ideas were and got some pretty entertaining responses – from punny to sexy and everything in between. We decided to compile a list of all the great ideas we got, and at the end of the post we will be announcing the winners (selected randomly through a draw) of the four $25 giftcards to Famoso and the grand prize winner of a $60 giftcard to Fresh, complete with a cookbook and an eco-friendly Baggu bag. 

Get ready to see some of these fun costumes around campus!

1. I want to be Medusa, if I can find enough rubber snakes at Dollarama. – Teodora

2. I‘m thinking of being a Roy Lichtenstein pop art character for Halloween! – Marienka

3. French maid (appropriate outfit though) :) – Chelsea 

4. I’m going to get some colour swatches and go as 50 shades of grey. – Lucian

5. Robot. – Jesse

6. The Stanley cup and have my boyfriend go as a Leafs player. – Ashley

Note: I know he’s not dressed up like a Toronto Maple Leaf. I just couldn’t find a version of this costume with a Maple Leafs player. I’m pretty sure this says something about the quality of our hockey team. 

7. Wednesday Addams! The dress can be reused for everyday wear and the makeup is pretty simple so it’s a win-win. – Lorencia

8. I’m going to be a kitty. – Megan

 9. I’m thinking a Sims character (headband with green diamond + whatever clothes I feel like wearing). – Julie

10. Droog from Clockwork Orange. – Alexandra

11. I’m going to be the catwoman. – Elaine

12. I am going to be a creepy doll! Easy using makeup and a cute dress. – Nicole

13. I’m going to be a policewoman. – Jasmine

14. I’m gonna be Kim Kardashian. – Enxhi

15. Little sister and I are going to be twinning as the dancing girls emoji! – Kayla

Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration from these costume ideas for your own costume this Friday! Without further ado, here are the winners:

Grand Prize pack from Fresh: Kayla 

$25 Gift Card to Famoso: Enxhi, Jasmine, Chelsea, Ashley

Congratulations to our winners, and we’d like to thank everybody who took the time to enter for all their fun ideas. Winners can come into Sidney Smith, room 1068 this week to pick up their prize. We look forward to seeing you then!

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