10 Classic Movies For The Thrill In You

Movies are truly an extraordinary experience. We are able to escape reality and dive into various adventures to live the tales of characters who resonate with us. With today’s technology, we can experience the unimaginable simply by watching movies. I have always been extremely fascinated by the art of films and how they can transport us into another world.

If you are in for a bit of adventure in your life, here is a list of movies which will inspire you to soar higher. These motion pictures will leave you feeling refreshed and exhilarated after the credits roll. Take a comfortable seat and grab your favorite snack. Let's get on with these classic films!


1. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This motion picture centers around four best friends who find a pair of jeans at a thrift shop which magically ends up fitting all of them. They then decide that they will each wear these pants for a week while spending their first summer apart. Lena travels to Greece, Carmen visits her dad in South Carolina, Bridget attends summer camp in Baja California, Mexico, and Tibby stays home and works for Wallmans while filming a documentary. The girls experience their own life-changing journey while keeping in touch with one another through the traveling pants. The pants keep them together and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. 

2. Toy Story 3

Andy, the owner of the toys depicted in the movie, is getting ready to go to college. Meanwhile, his toys are desperate to find out what their fate will be once he leaves. They decide to hop into a box headed for the local daycare, Sunnyside. Everyone, besides Woody, thinks this is the perfect place to stay, as they will continue to be played with for generations and will be safe from parting from their owners. Woody knows deep down that they should all return to Andy’s and remain in the attic. According to him, they should always be there for Andy. This heartfelt movie will definitely have you smiling and feeling good.

3. Titanic

This academy award-winning motion picture is about two lovers who meet aboard the beautiful ship, the Titanic. Despite the social classes which separate them, they fall in love and must ultimately come together to fight for their lives while the ship sinks after hitting an iceberg. This is an incredible tale about love, making it count, and following your heart.

4. The Dark Knight

This action-packed movie is about a vigilante who teams up with the Gotham City Police Department to stop crime within the city of Gotham. However, the story takes a drastic turn when the Joker, an eerie masterminded criminal, is on the loose and causes devastating turmoil to the citizens of the city. The Batman must ultimately make tremendous sacrifices in order to keep his city safe.

5. 13 Going on 30

The movie 13 Going on 30 is a comedy about Jenna, a girl who wishes to grow up. She wants to be different. She wants to be 30. Her best friend Matt thinks the world of her, but she does not see it yet. In the middle of her 13th birthday, Jenna’s life magically ends up fast forwarding itself into the future. She becomes 30 years old. Throughout this tale, she finds out how her life came to be but soon discovers that she and Matt stopped being friends since high school. Jenna tries to put the pieces of her new life together to uncover the reasons why her life became the way it is. This movie is hilarious! It also teaches us that making certain decisions can truly change our lives and steer it in a different direction. 

6. Interstellar

Interstellar is about an astronaut who is sent, along with a crew, into space to find out whether there is a habitable planet in the galaxy where humans on earth could potentially live. The earth is now in an agricultural crisis. The population is doomed to perish if they were to stay on earth, as the future holds nothing for them. In the midst of being a film about space exploration, it is also about love. 

7. Jurassic Park

This film is all about a vision John Hammond had about building the ultimate amusement park. This park explores the connection between man and dinosaurs. He has made it possible. In order for the park to launch, he assembles a team of individuals who are very good in their field to document their experiences. If they report positive feedback, the park will be opened. However, things do not go as planned and the dinosaurs are let loose after a terrible accident. The characters must escape the danger they face caused by the creatures which once existed 65 million years ago.

8. Inception

Have you ever wondered about how we dream? How about if dreams could become our reality? Inception is about a group of people who specialize in dreams. They visit the world of the dream in others to solve specific cases. Their ultimate mission is to implant an idea in a person’s mind and make sure they all come out of it safely without falling into limbo. This is an incredible analytical movie which is structured very similarly to a puzzle. The ending will keep you on the edge of your seat.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

If you are in for a swash-buckling adventure, this movie is definitely for you. Port Royal is surrounded by pirates and Elizabeth Swann is captured. William Turner is desperate to find her and sets sail with the humorous Captain Jack Sparrow. Their mission becomes entangled with the fact that the pirates who captured Elizabeth are terribly cursed. This is a very adventurous film! 

10. Freaky Friday

This movie is all about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Anna Coleman is a teenager who wants to be heard. She is serious about music. When her band is offered the chance to play at the House of Blues, she finds out that it is scheduled on the day of her mother’s rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, her mother refuses to let her perform on that day. After arguing about it at a restaurant, they each open a fortune cookie which ends up switching themselves into each other’s body. This film will bring out the inner child in you. It also teaches us that seeing the world through another's eyes can definitely make you understand life from a different perspective. 





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