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Will Gregoire

Name: Will Gregoire

Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont

Major: Business (concentration in Finance) and minor in CIS

What are you involved with on campus? Sigma Nu Fraternity, WilCaf Barista, Former president of Classless TV Film Production Club, Actor/Music Director for Stimulus Children’s Theater

Best quality about yourself: Very good at reaching things that are up high

Worst quality: Have to bend down really far to hug people

Celeb crush: Emma Watson

Favorite BYO: Sitar

Favorite drunk eating spot on campus: Jimmy John’s

A drink you make for yourself at WilCaf: Candy Apple (Apple Cider + Caramel Flavor Shot)

Current five fave song recommendations:

1. The Purple Bottle – Animal Collective

2. Same Drugs – Chance the Rapper

3. Our Riotous Defects – of Montreal ft. Janelle Monae

4. I’m Writing a Novel – Father John Misty

5. The Moss – Cosmo Sheldrake

Someone you really want to see in concert: of Montreal

Your guilty pleasure: Super Smash Bros Melee

A TV show everyone should watch: Arrested Development

Favorite event at Penn: Hey Day

Advice for freshman year self: Do crazy stuff because you’re going to be old really soon.

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