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Why It’s So Important as a Woman to Vote on Tuesday

As a human being in general in America, it is crucial to participate in this privileged system we know as our democracy – however, in one of the most gendered, frustrating, sexist, misogynistic, and generally bigoted elections of American history, we bear an especial duty to get out the mother-f#$ing vote like we perhaps never have had to before. To sum it up, I thought I would just remind you of a few crucial moments in this election that especially pinpoint just how salient the female vote and representation is this coming Tuesday.

  1. That time where Hillary got criticized for sounding like a hysterical woman on stage (Do I mean every debate? Am I referring to the three-decibel range of pitch that a woman can speak within to be deemed pleasant to hear?)
  2. That time when she was criticized for being “inauthentic” as a result of a gendered history of truthfulness and trustworthiness in the sexist discourse of women in politics
  3. That time when she was equated in terms of misogyny to Donald Trump as a result of victim-blaming for her husband cheating on her
  4. That time when our access to contraceptives and the fundamental principle of protection for female reproductive rights was entirely on the line
  5. That time when Trump openly advocated sexual assault, rape, and general objectification of women
  6. That time when your mother, your grandmother, and all the badass women who’ve come before you struggled against forces of sexism, lack of suffrage, and political disenfranchisement to bring us to our current moment of civic responsibility

Make sure you make a plan to get out the vote – know your polling place, the time you’re going, and what other powerful lady friends you’re bringing with you to turn those strong Facebook opinion posts into tangible political clout.

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