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We Want the Funk: Your Guide to the Funkiest Shoes on the Internet

Fall and winter shoe trends are all pointing to one thing this year: funk. Whether it be through chunky heels, bright and neon colors, animal prints, or rocker-chic studs, shoe designers are using some of the most strange and avant-garde designs this season. Every fashionista deserves to splurge on one pair of killer heels, so to help you get your hands (and feet) on some of the most fashionable and daring shoes, Her Campus has put together a list of some of the best websites to satisfy your sole’s fix for the funk.

5. TopShop.com

Possess Studded Ankle Boots, $300

TopShop, a British retailer, is known for being one of the most fashion-forward stores for teenagers across the globe. Their online shoe store is a great way to nab some of Europe’s latest designs.

4. ShopKitson.com

Miista Brown Andee Boots, $245

The internet has luckily made it possible to shop at Los Angeles based store, Kitson. Although limited and expensive, their shoe section features more wearable and practical designs.

3. Polyvore.com

Betsey Johnson Maxean, $110

Although this website does not directly sell shoes, it is one of the best for finding shoes in styles that you like. The website is a platform that enables users to create and browse outfits composed of various items off the internet. To create an outfit to be posted on the site, users drag and drop different clothing pieces and accessories onto a blank canvas and essentially produce what appears to be a magazine spread. The website allows users to browse shoes based on popularity, while enabling shoppers to see how the shoes can be worn in an outfit.

2. Modcloth.com

All the Bright Moves Heel, $69.99

Modcloth sells indie and retro-style clothing and accessories. Their shoes are more affordable than the other websites that solely feature designer brands, and shoppers are always guaranteed to find something interesting in their wide selection of affordable shoes.

1. Solestruck.com

Ego and Green Svan, sale price $99.95

Solestruck features over 50 brands of shoes including Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita, Unif, and Cheap Monday. The website sells a huge range of shoes that are often difficult to be found and that all appear to be straight out of Lady Gaga’s closet. Although the shoes are often expensive (the average shoe ranging from $150 to over $1,300), their huge selection of discounted (and just as fashionable) shoes offers a more affordable alternative.

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