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Top 8 Painfully Simple Go-to Study Snacks

Check out these eight mind-numbingly easy recipes for those of you with a tight study schedule! This can also apply to the domestically challenged. No shame.



Trail mix is such a quick and versatile snack option for the library, GSR, or any other study space. For easy retrieval, fill up a large plastic container with whole-roasted almonds, Chex Mix, dried cranberries, or even your favorite cereal. Just make sure to limit yourself to a ½ cup serving size, and you will have the perfect amount of fiber, protein, iron, and calcium to keep up your study endurance. Of course, this is simply one example among infinite. Get creative and swap in other ingredients that you have available in your dorm.



Nowadays, a tub of low-fat plain Greek yogurt is easy to find and can be dressed with several healthy toppings. Try adding in fresh strawberries, a handful of cereal as a granola substitute, and 1 tbsp. of honey. The protein and fiber from the cereal will keep you full to prevent from constant snacking, and the honey will give you that needed energy to push through any monotonous lecture!  One serving size of Greek yogurt is around 85 calories and contains 14g protein. All together this nutritious snack is around 200-250 calories.



A homemade tuna melt is a nutrient-packed and hardy food option that is less than ¼ of the caloric intake of a Quiznos Tuna Melt (1220 calories for those interested…yikes). Simply mix a 5 oz. can of tuna with a tbsp. of light mayo and place the spread on a piece of toast. Add a slice of provolone and tomato, and you are done! You can also transfer the tuna to crackers for a lighter snack.




Popping a frozen waffle in the toaster is probably around the same difficulty level as breathing. It’s great for any busy college student on-the-go but can also be an easy way to incorporate whole grains into your diet. Toast a multi-grain waffle and top it off with fruit preserves, honey, or fresh berries. This colorful snack is filling, so it should hold you over until your next meal. Not to mention, it’s an excellent dessert substitute to satisfy that late-night sweet tooth without opening that gallon tub of Rocky Road ice cream. Put down the spoon, ladies.




For those of you who are too tied up to even make a meal, an energy bar with at least 4 grams of protein is an alternative. Lara Bars and CORE Foods Bars are both made with all-natural ingredients and are low in added sugars. Lara, Clif, and Luna bars are perfect for a quick snack or dessert fix. On the other side, CORE Foods Bars are more of a meal substitute that can keep you full for around four hours. Unfortunately, the convenience of these bars comes with a hefty price. These are fairly expensive for a college budget, but indulging when you really need it can be rewarding in the long run.




Nothing beats a classic recipe. This is perfect for when you’re running low on energy and need that quick pick-me-up. In fact, this snack makes the perfect post-workout indulgence. Simply spread peanut butter on toast, layer with the necessary amount of sliced bananas, and drizzle one tbsp of honey. Pop that sucker in the microwave for 10 seconds, and you’ve made this signature snack! If you aren’t the biggest fan of bananas, substitute them with other fruits such as strawberries or blueberries. If available, dried cranberries compliment the peanut butter exceptionally well.




For all those moments that you wished that you had a fire pit in your dorm (I’m sure you’ve had many), this incredible snack can be created within a fraction of a minute, simply with a microwave and three ingredients. Enjoy these gooey s’mores for those special days of dietary failure. All you need is one graham cracker, 1-2 large marshmallows, and 1/2 of a milk chocolate bar. Place in the microwave over a paper towel for 10 seconds. Congratulations! You have found eternal happiness.




Hummus is an absolute staple in any college student’s refrigerator. It’s the perfect dipping sauce for the vegetable of your choosing, ranging from celery to broccoli to my personal favorite: baby carrots. The fiber from the carrots and the protein from the hummus make a full-blown nutritional snack when kept at a reasonable serving size. Keep it traditional by spreading hummus on pita bread for a more filling alternative. In addition, one of my favorite quick snacks is hummus spread on a toasted English muffin and sprinkled with crumbled feta cheese. Try to refrain from drooling, and try it yourself!


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