Tips To Survive Finals Season

By Katie Yeagley

As yet another semester comes to a close and everyone begins to have existential crises as they wonder whether missing an entire month of lectures was worth it, I thought I’d share some helpful tips.

  1. Finish strong – I know this is a given but sometimes we all just need an extra push and maybe I’m that push for someone (anyone read this?) out there. Don’t give up on that A or B or whatever goal you set at the beginning of the semester. The long nights and excessive amounts of caffeine are going to wreak havoc on your body and I’m sure there’s some long-term damage to be assessed but you have the entire winter break to relax and recharge. So, grab another cup of coffee and decide to do yourself proud until the very end.
  2. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Figure out how much you need to study to do well on each final exam or paper and then give yourself even more time. You will feel so much more prepared if you have a plan!
  3. Take time to reflect on your semester. Give yourself credit where credit is due and call yourself out on those promises you didn’t follow through on. Make a mental note (or a literal one) to do better next semester. I’m a huge fan of the beginning of semesters because they are full of so much potential but evaluating the end of a semester is so crucial to putting your best foot forward when you return to campus.
  4. Tell people how you feel. I’m not saying love declarations are necessary but why not? You have several weeks apart from everyone at Penn so if you’ve been meaning to say something, do it! You will rarely regret speaking your mind and letting someone know how you feel. This goes for friends too! I love letting my friends know how much I appreciate and care for them and how my semester would have looked so much bleaker without them.
  5. Be kind to yourself (and others). We are often much kinder to our friends than we are to ourselves. Cut yourself some slack as you get stressed. You are doing the best that you can.