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Tips for Avoiding Procrastination When Studying for Finals

Find yourself having trouble actually sitting down to get work done? Join the club–and read up on some helpful tips to avoid procrastination!

1.     Make a calendar with a to- do list

Often, procrastination is a result of thinking you have more time than you do. Visually laying out your impending exam dates and assignment deadlines with help you see how much time you have to get things done- which may motivate you to get started early!


2.     Find a quiet study space

Find a space where you can be productive- whether it be the library,  Starbucks, or another quiet place on campus. My personal favorite? Fisher Fine Arts library- being in there makes me feel ten times smarter!


3.     Avoid places where you know you won’t be productive

For me this is my dorm room. I know that if I try to get work done in my room it just won’t happen. There are too many distractions, and I’m always tempted to stop studying and talk to my friends in my hall instead. Actively avoid these types of distractions by picking a place where you know you won’t be tempted to get off task.


4.     Hide your phone

If possible, avoid studying with your phone next to you. It’s easy to get distracted by a text message and end up procrastinating on Instagram or twitter for a half an hour. Take these temptations away by putting your phone somewhere out of view.


5.     Download the self control app

Go to www.selfcontrolapp.com and block websites that you know will be distracting to you- whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr- eliminate the temptation by preventing yourself from being able to access these sites during the few days before your midterm.


6.     Find a study buddy

Study with other people in your classes who will help keep you accountable for studying the information. You’ll feel responsible for knowing the information if you know you’ll be reviewing with other people.


7.     Make a study schedule

Map out which chapters you want to finish for which classes on each day. Spreading out your studying will make it more manageable. It will also keep you on track and prevent you from leaving it all until the night before!


8.     Take breaks

If you realize you’re becoming distracted while studying, or find yourself completely unable to focus- take a break. Don’t waste your time “studying” when you’re not accomplishing anything. Step away for a little bit and come back to it when you’re able to focus. Maybe re-evaluate your study space and find somewhere where you’re more attentive. 


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