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A Tale of 3 Cities: 3 Unexpected Cities with Stellar Street Style

For street style, the blogs usually chronicle the expected cities—Paris, New York City, London, Milan and sometimes Tokyo. But what about the lesser-travelled backstreet cities of street style? Places like Seoul, Stockholm and Copenhagen are proving that fresh street style exists outside of the expected places.

Seoul, South Korea
Blogs like Sol-Sol show that Korean fashionistas go beyond the sweet bubblegum pop looks of K-pop stars. The featured street stars showcase an edgier, trendier and fashion-forward aspect of Korean style. Bleached hair, playful fit and shape, plaids and mixed textures abound—there’s an eclecticism present that rivals the quirky citizens of London.

Stockholm, Sweden
Think Parisians are masters at wearing tailored, effortless, monochromatic ensembles? Think again. Stockholm’s residents look like they’ve stepped out of a Zara lookbook. They have sophistication, a hint of playfulness and perfect accessories, all wrapped in a perfectly styled package. Scroll through the aptly-named Stockholm Street Style blog to see elegant silhouettes contrasted with tongue-in-cheek, kitschy details.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, unlike its Scandinavian sibling Stockholm, is more casual and “academic chic.” Fresh-faced locals smile candidly at the camera while donning architectural wool coats, quirky prints and painterly color palettes. The Locals, a Copenhagen-centric blog, features many of these Collegiate, youthful, bookish and rosy-cheeked looks.

Want to explore the streets of other cities? For a less specific street style blog, try Street Peeper. Cities covered range from fashion capitals like London and Paris to up-and-comers like Zurich, Warsaw and Mexico City.

Street style’s gone global. Think beyond the usual places and take inspiration from the unexpected.

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