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Summer Essentials Part 2: Back to Basics

There are a few basic wardrobe staples that every woman needs in her closet. For the summer season, the Basic Charcoal Tank by Pop Basic is most definitely one of them. This simple grey tank top is made with quality material and designed with a flattering cut. It can be paired casually with leggings, shorts or jeans, but can also be used with a business skirt or slacks. Below I style the tank with a pair of black J.Crew shorts.

Pop Basic sells their Basic Charcoal Tank as a part of their Ariel Collection, which includes two gorgeous necklaces, the Ariel Necklace and the Crystal Rainbow necklace. These two necklaces can be combined to form a beautiful statement accessory that pairs well with the Basic Charcoal Tank. 

Every month Pop Basic comes out with a new micro-collection, so be sure to sign up for their email list-serve to be the first to know when a new collection comes out!

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